I put Bank of America on notice.

I just received a phone call from Bank of America asking how one of my businesses is doing. Currently, I have five business accounts and one charitable contribution account with Bank of America. I thanked the gentleman for his phone call and told him that I was not in need of his services because just last week I started the ball rolling in moving all of my business accounts to Navy Federal Credit Union.

He asked me why I was leaving and if there is anything he could do to keep me as a customer. I told him that currently Bank of America requires a minimum $3,000 minimum balance in each business account; meaning that I am tying up $18,000 of capital ($3,000 of which is designated just for charity) at all times, and this is an incredible waste of money. He said he was sorry there was nothing he could do.

I thanked him for his phone call and hung up. It feels pretty good!

One thought on “I put Bank of America on notice.”

  1. BOA is the worst!!! All the fees and the minimums its just complete garbage–then to just be ballsy and be like, “oh well we can’t help”. To me that just means peace out BOA I am taking my business elsewhere! Yay breaking up with bad relationships! No more!

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