Why are you closing your account?

I closed another Bank of America account today. The process was surprisingly easy and I did it all by chatting with a rep online, meaning that I saved myself about an hour of my life. Here is an excerpt from the chat session:

Marcella: I regret to hear that you want to close your account.
Marcella: May I know the reason for the account closure?
You: Because I hate Bank of America in every possible way.

Open a New Account: Bank of America Still Messes Up

I opened a new business account. Several days later, I noticed there was $3,100 in the account, but it wasn’t debited from the other business account. Being the moral person that I am, I sent Bank of America an e-mail notifying them of the error.

Why not spend the money? Let’s see how this will play out:

  1. I spend the money.
  2. Bank of America realizes the error.
  3. Bank of America later withdraws $3,100 from my account.
  4. Bank of America slaps me with an overdraft fee.