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  1. So my I hate BofA story….

    For years, my wife and I had a M&T Bank account (originally Provident Bank). After they switched from Provident to M&T Bank, we developed problem after problem and noticed that we were accruing overdraft fees pretty regularly because of them delaying deposits by up to a week, and miscellaneous charges that were never discussed or advised of. We finally reached our limit to what we could deal with and switched to BofA because of the free checking for Students. (my wife was at Towson U at the time). We went over and set up our account. Presented I.D’s, arranged for direct deposit from my employer and received our checks in the mail with both of our names on it. Roughly three years went by. Got to know everyone in the branch location, pretty much on a first name basis. Then one day, I had to go in to exchange some Euro’s to Dollars. I waited in line and when it was my turn, I walked up to the manager and told her what I was there to do. She takes my D.L and has me swipe my card to pull up my account. A puzzled look comes across her face. She looks up at me and says, “how are you related to the account holder?” I explain to her that I am the co-account holder with my wife. I showed her the checks with both of our names on it, review the account and show her where my direct deposit is coming in to the account, and show her the banking card with my name on it. Her puzzled look gets even more puzzled. “I’m not sure how this happened, but your not on the account. It looks like you’ve never been on the account…how did this happen? How did you get direct deposit on an account that your name isn’t on?!” My simple reply is, “Why the hell are you asking me this, it’s your company!!”. So after a long drawn out discussion about incompetence, I requested to close the account….”oh you can’t close it. It’s not your account, you have to come back with your wife”. The “fill in” manager when we opened the account didn’t write my D.L# on the account information clear enough and they didn’t processes it because of this. Of course, nearly three years later, when I’m sitting in their office getting a ration of shit from the new manager is when they decide to advise me of the mistake. We are in the process of switching banks to a credit union. Never again will I make that mistake.

  2. The Chesterfield MI. 23 mile road Branch can SUCK MY —- !!!!
    They dont EVER answer their phone. There is NO chance to reach a person at the branch. Thats right Jeremy , Mr. Branch Manager. Your bank sucks. I will be leaving as soon as possible. good bye customer, thanks to the chesterfield mi. branch. Suck it BOA.
    Two home mortgages, a business acct., checking, savings, my kids accounts- SEE YA !!
    If only one of your gabby little tellers actually talks to a customer who is calling.
    Hope BOA closes and everyone loses their job. From the top on down !

  3. Bank of America ATM User Beware!

    Filling for unemployment has likely never been easer whether it be on the telephone or internet. After you have been set up you will receive a request for preference of deduction, for tax withholding. By mail you will receive a debit card with Bank Of America printed on it. The state of Maryland benefit funds gets added to it each week you follow the guidelines to update your claim.
    In most case you just deduct the funds from your debit card and are on your way. There is a less than 1% chance of a Bank of America ATM malfunctioning. According to Robben Grimsby a customer service representative the “Cash paid accounts department”; Bank Americas ATM have a successful transaction rate of over 99%. What happens on that less than 1% equipment failure for their ATM’s may surprise you.
    First of all, although you may expect issues like this to be resolved on a branch level, it is not the case. In one incident on 5/18/2016 when a customer was given a receipt for a withdrawal unemployment benefits of $40 and no cash. Bank of America Managers and staff took no responsibility. Furthermore, indicating the servicer of the ATM was the responsible party, not the branch or its Managers or staff. A clam number was filed in this incident.
    The” Cash pay account “Representative Page Franklin (Supervisor) confirmed that credits for correction of ATM errors are governed by Regulation C of the Federal Banking Coad. The Coad according to Ms. Franklin allows for up to 45 days to resolve such issues. There is a 10-day time frame that the bank may give a credit prior to resolution.
    The reality is that if you are the one penalized by the banks mistake, you will also be subjected to the inconvenience of the banking regulations and procedures. Furthermore, in the for mentioned incident the patient was informed if they wished to speak to a manager, they could leave a message, as the manager was unavailable and would be required whether it be, by policy or regulation, to respond within two days.
    In America at a bank toting the same name shouldn’t the customer service bar be raised a little a little higher. It is not a shock that BAC stock value this Tuesday May, 2016 was $14.69 and has not exceeded $18.43 since 2008.
    ATM user be wear of those machines at less the one 1% of you; In this case the 99% are going to be ok.
    By Alexander Foley 5/18/2018

  4. Happy to find this site and see I am not alone in my disdain for Bank of America.

    I have been a BOA customer for 12 years since 2005.

    When I paid my credit card balance in full earlier this year, BOA proceeded to charge late fees and interest charges. When I contested the charges after many many calls, their Credit Card Collections Dept ultimately gave me a full refund and assured this matter would not affect my credit score. WRONG. This incident resulted in egregious and harmful reporting to credit scoring agencies. When I called BOA to get a letter acknowledging their error so I can more affordably refinance my home, I proceeded for more than one hour on the phone w BOA, and the credit analyst representative refuses to provide any remedy.

    Problem 2: When BOA bought my FHA mortgage, they told me I could remove the $300/mo mortgage insurance premium after 5 years. I waited (like a fool) and now they tell me they cannot remove this monthly fee. They then sold my mortgage to another bank with the same terms. My sad reality is it’s cheaper to take my business to another bank. Ironically, I now get sales calls from BOA for mortgage financing. WTF!?!

    My advise to other victims of Bank of America’s corporate greed, keep calling until you get a competent and sympathetic customer rep. If called and connected to a mean, incompetent or unhelpful rep, hang up and call again. If needed try calling at a different time of day.

  5. B of A, the same bank that lost $14,000 of my US Saving Bonds for my kid’s college. Can you believe a bank can loose your Safe Deposit Box? B of A did. Then they tried to say I never had an account with them. I showed them my Deposit box key and the manager said it was the banks key alright. Then she asked if she could have it. Can you believe it? I told her hell no you can’t have it, it’s the only tangible evidence I had to try and straighten out this mess. B of A never did fix the problem. I had to confront the Treasury Department. And believe me! That’s a whole nother chapter in the reality of crooked business. Took almost 1.5 years and you’d better have kept good records. They sure won’t go out of their way either.
    In God I Trust, who else is there?

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