Why are you closing your account?

I closed another Bank of America account today. The process was surprisingly easy and I did it all by chatting with a rep online, meaning that I saved myself about an hour of my life. Here is an excerpt from the chat session:

Marcella: I regret to hear that you want to close your account.
Marcella: May I know the reason for the account closure?
You: Because I hate Bank of America in every possible way.

6 thoughts on “Why are you closing your account?”

  1. While creating this website, and only a few hours after closing my Bank of America account, I just received an e-mail from Bank of America; dated 2013/01/03 17:18, informing me that the account that I have closed has fallen below the minimum balance to $0.

    Let’s see how long before Bank of America starts charging me a minimum balance fee on my closed account.

  2. I CANNOT WAIT until I can CLOSE ALL OF MY BANK OF AMERICA ACCOUNTS…ALL OF THEM!!!! Sorry I am yelling, I am extremely angry and have been for many many years at BOA

  3. Had enough, All my accounts with BOA are being closed.

    I never started with this Bank from Hell, but my original bank of 40 yrs ago was sold to somebody then to Summit, than Fleet and finally this POS.

    Fees upon new fees upon new fees.

  4. Bank of America is the worst! It felt so great breaking up with them. They are like a horrible relationship that has been treating you bad for years!!!!! All these huge corporations I am just over. There will be no more shakedown for me! I am liberated and taking my business elsewhere! Buh-bye Bank of America–go screw yourselves!!!!

  5. Finally leaving Bank of America for their inability to accommodate my financial situation as a medical student.

    The 1.5 years of monthly fees for not having direct deposit or an average balance of greater than $1500 are over. In fact, I explained my way out of nearly all these fees until last month when they finally stopped granting me fee waivers or reimbursement. I really tried to stick with them, but I can’t afford to be paying $15/month. I made some great points in my discussion with them regarding why they should waive the fees:
    1. My family uses BofA and their account balance far supersedes the minimum
    2. I have been a customer with BofA since I was 12 years old
    3. My account balance tends to sit just about 100 bucks below the minimum balance to not accrue fees
    4. I get a monthly deposit of $425 though it is not via direct deposit
    5. I will have a much greater balance in a couple years, when I’m a doctor
    6. I really don’t want to have to leave BofA over this recurrent fee (but I will if I must)
    7. I will not return to BofA, if they lose me now
    8. I asked “why could you waive the fees before, but now you cannot?”
    9. I asked “what is the limit for the number fees waived?” The rep couldn’t give me an answer — which made this even better.
    10. I asked “what steps do I need to take to move all of my money out of BofA, because that seems like the only solution?”

    Despite a lot of good arguments and serious rhetoric about leaving BofA, they still couldn’t help me out.

    I’m moving all my cash to Ally Bank’s online (interest) checking where I’ll accrue no fees, generate a little bit of interest, have access to service reps all the time, and receive free paper checks.

    So long BofA!

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