Class Action Lawsuit Against Bank of America

I am morally opposed to class action lawsuits because most people who sign up for them really weren’t harmed and just fill out the paperwork for the prospect of “free money”. Meanwhile the only people who really make money from them are the lawyers involved on both sides.

However, in this case, I have the opportunity to screw Bank of America…so this document did not go straight into the shredder. I’m still deciding whether or not I feel right about filling it out and sending it in.

This is a document for a class action lawsuit against Bank of America.
This is a document for a class action lawsuit against Bank of America.

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  1. If you were personally effected by what is entailed in the law suit go for it. Bank of America would foreclose on you if you owed them $5 left of a 30 year mortgage, so if they owe you anything you should defiantly collect!

    1. Yes I am a victim of foreclosure negligence from Bank Of America. I don’t understand their purpose in America. My husband became ill in 2005/Sine them I have been trying to modify my mortgage payments-their response is that they do not have a workout program available for me. Since being denied I have been in Hospital 4 different times for surgery total knee replacement and other private surgeries. I have been out of work in 2007 for 6 months,2011 out of work for 4 months and my husband was a kidney patient for 7 years. what is their problem. First Ocwen mortgage, then Countrywide and now Bank of America owns the mortgage. Please help me understand what’s going on…

      1. IS hope you screwed them till no one knows which side is up or down. I’m trying to file a claim for my best friend. Good luck to all of you that are trying to make them pay for their horrible treatment, stealing just as bad as Wells Fargo and Chase Bank

    2. please tell me how you filed your law suite against boa im in Virginia trying to do it they mess up my mortgage now want to forclouse on my house I really need your help thank you

      1. I didn’t file the lawsuit. I received a letter in the mail several years ago asking if I wanted to join a class-action lawsuit against Bank of America. Unfortunately class-action lawsuits in general, don’t really help those that they intend to help. Lawyers on both sides get paid massive sums of money; the defendant in the lawsuits pays out massive sums of money; and the real victims of the injustice generally get a check in the mail several years later for just a few dollars.

      2. I hope that you’ve gotten help by now, but if not, google Class Action Lawsuits against BAC. I did that, and it came up with a few firms that have pending lawsuits. What they’re doing to me, doesn’t fall into any of their current suits. I’m still not sure how much info we’re allowed to post, so please private email me and I can send you the name of one of the firms.

        1. I am helping my brother who was screwed out of his 13 acres by a local bank who gave his loan to Bank of America and Countywide to service who foreclosed without notice.Please send any info on Firms who are representing plaintiffs against the banks and mortgage companies involved.
          Thank you

          1. Yes I need info too they lied and made me file for bankruptcy and all the money I paid was never applied

    3. Bank of America only changed and merged with Countrywide. Bank of America kept all key players and associates from Countrywide that were not exposed. And the associates play a huge rule in the corruptions and all management! Cointrywideis still heaveily involved in mortgage fraud. Plus, they have already determined back in 2007 another mortgage crash come 2015-2016…after the 2008 BAILOUTS and big banks writeoffs. This crash will be bigger than the first!

        1. I have been trying to get a modification foe almost 2 yrs.Now they have sent our loan to Carrington mortg. still nothen what can i do we need help. My husband is disabiled. And now i cant work. HELP

    4. All CEO ‘s and CFO’s are in on the corruptions. If your too smart and know the game they play and speak up and out they fire you. I remember once in the Plano Corporate office the head managers received word of a surprise audit at the Richardson office. The Plano offices called in Iron Mountain to remove recycle binds and brought in extra paper shredders managers, top unit managers, associates and team leads were advised to help destroy evidence. They froze mortgage files in Equator system to be forgotten so they couldn’t avoid foreclosure. To be able to take the homes to resale them once close to being paid off. The associates don’t do real work. Their jobs is to cover up and mislead homeowners. The managers are making side deals with brokers and mishandle files to short sale for higher to gain profits. Misuse of appraisals to have bookloss by switching appraisals on properties to show worth to sell to companies such as FNMA and Freddie Mac and other lenders.

    5. ;I lost a house on foreclosure in June 2011 . i was mailed a modification application but it went to the wrong address not my primary home where i live. I had a double loan one for $54,000 and a second for $26,000 . I mailed a check draft of $26,000 back to pay off the second loan. I still had a interest only loan for $54,000 and fell behind on payments and could not evict the tenants until past the short sale deadline. My credit was ruined and i lost additions of upgrades on the property,ie recent replaced air conditioner, large cement slab in back yard , refrigerator, and carpet installed. I am currently trying to apeal my denied recompensation for loses. Who can i contact? Tony Canaris E-mail


    1. The banking institution does not want to help the homeowners, that is obvious by now; And these third party modification companies are hit and miss and get denied by the banks as well. The ONLY proven way to get results is by suing your lender and twisting their arm. You have to fight fire with fire and not be bullied by these institutions. Here’s where to start

      1. This commenter left 7 comments advertising their website. I am allowing one because I would like to keep this an open forum regarding hatred for Bank of America. However I do not want this to lead to another Home Building & Loan Assn. v. Blaisdell – 290 U.S. 398 (1934).

        1. I hear you! I fell behind on mortgage payments around 2008. Wilma had damaged my home and mold related Mrsa. Brought me to my knees. Boa told me they were putting me in a special forbearance program. They said they would work with me all the while trying to for close on me. The term is dual tracking! Now 7 years later they continue their practice of avoidance, manipulateING the judicial system and screwing Americans everywhere! Just last month I was alerted to their efforts to once again take my house out from under me by a piece of junk mail. It stated your house will be sold on Feb.8th. It was an advertisement from a law firm. I sited my attorney on in effective council. And with yet one more bogus loan mod in hand, headed to the court house. It is a making homes affordable package . They had stated that as long as you complied with the terms during this trial period, they would not forclose! Another lie! They reset sale date to April 1st. They then send me a loan mod with a principle of 300 thousand instead of the 158 thousand as per loan mod program. They then brought payments to 55 % of my income making home UN AFFORDABLE! Who will stand up to these bullys? Hanging on for dear life.

          1. Renee.
            Have you heard anything from anyone on this issue? Is there any help from anyone out there that can be trusted?

  3. We were told that we qualified and were in a redemption plan with Bank of America. We were about 3 months behind. But we started sending cashier checks early, each month for 3 months. At the same time the called an unlisted phone number to request a copy of our electric bill. We never got the request and they never sent anything in writing. We had had our mortgage for over 14 yrs at the time. About 60, 000 in equity. They held those checks. One day someone came and said he had bought our house. We were totally blind sided by BoA. Their reason was no copy of our resident electric bill. Now with the review we received $500. There are petitions out demanding a re-review of theses foreclosures. But is all hope lost. Does BoA screw us again? Huge injustice! !!

  4. I too tried to modify my home loan with B of A after a life threatening illness has me out of work for a year and a half. I contacted them as soon as I could get back to work to see what I could do to get caught up. They told me I could modify and my payments would be as low as $500 a month. Three years later after hundreds of phone calls, faxes and emails, sending the same documents over and over, they said they could not help me and They were going to foreclose unless I did a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. They strung me along with all kinds of promises for 3 years. Had i known I would be forced into a short sale I could have done something different in the beginning. I found out later that they never would have modified my loan not because I didnt qualify because I did. I fell under all 5 of the criteria for a mod, but because they said I still had equity in my home. It may have only been a few thousand dollars but they declined me for a modification. I ended up being almost $75k behind. They would do anything. I lost everything I had including my car and was in the middle of BK. I just feel very discriminated against that they could do something. They are truly only interested in making money and lots of it. They had already collected the mortgage insurance before they did the foreclosure so basically they were paid twice. Then they sold my home for $165k. I owed $188k which I would have gladly paid but they would not do anything about the $75k in arrears. They said if I can’t catch up the home or buy it for $260K then I should walk. So they sell it for $165k and I would have had to pay $260K? wheres the smarts in that? They would have made so much more off me. I told them I was willing to pay the $188 and if they cut the $75 in half and lowered my int rate from 7% to what everyone else was getting which was around 3% at the time then I could make it work but the bottom line is they didn’t want ME to have my home any longer. They had all the control. That’s why its discrimination. I’m so hoping to find a class action lawsuit that is going to get B of A punished for what they have done. It’s not like I bought too much house or decided not to pay my mortgage for the heck of it, etc. I had a catastrophic illness and was left destitute because of it. It’s just not right. Does anyone out there know what I can do?

    1. My loan was about same as yours. I lived in my home for 40 Years. I am 71 Yrs old I only owed 11,000 back 1,000.00 Escrow. I had to pay 354.00 for every month until I could find out if I could Modify my loan. After month I was offered modification. 30 year loan or until I die of Cancer. 22% interest , can’t pay off loan! have to live here. No one else, no other loans, house loan now is 23,000.00 would sell for 250,000.00. I’m on SSD $800.00 month. Live alone. I’m sick about this. Was hoping there would be something to bury me with.

  5. I was2 months behind due to missed time at work illness with no money coming in I called boc after the fir5st month and whithin the first three days of the call they told me my options were to forclose with a short sale so I called senator mendezs office in new jersey and told them what options boc gave me then whithin one day I received a call from the bank after I went seven months of a promise of a modification with all the paperwork I get a call I was denied because I was told I had to be 3 months behind to qualified why was I jerked around for 7 months when they knew from the start that I had to be three months behind so I called the senators office again in new jersey and told them how they gave me the run around for 7 months got a call whithin 24 hours from boc again with a new case workerthis is my 7th case worker whithin one year I let my credit go bad like they wanted me to do to qualify and after another 6 mon ths I just got the modification but the rate should have been a lot lower and they told me they couldn’t do it because of my credit well they were the ones who destroyed my credit to begin with telling me I had to be three months late to qualify someone should go back and listen to all my phone calls to bank of America which are being recorded congress should listed to what the bank tells people if they did they would find boc wrong all they have to do is listen to my case any attonery would deffinatly win whith out a doubt

  6. Bank Of America: I hate as well…..I have paid modification company, two attorneys joined a class action lawsuit which boa had to pay me Now I owe a mortgage I am behind but they are paying me…..7 years into this night mare and still don’t have it straightened out….Something is not right….

    1. Is it too late to be included in this lawsuit? Countrywide and BOA screwed me too! Single mom, lost my home, youngest child had to move in with his dad cause mom got kicked out of the house! If anyone has information about how to get these @#%! Back, please let me know!!

  7. This back illegally over draws accounts then tacks on overdraft fees and when you call them they to you s supervisor will call they never do!!! This bank just keeps on screwing over people. How do I find the right lawyer to go into a class action law suit??? This has got to stop.

  8. Those politicians in Washington aren’t affected personally by all this, because they have great paying jobs……this situation with BOA is a major crises, and the current presidential administration is not doing a damn thing to help…..makes you wonder huh? whose BOA got on their side?…our government is falling apart…..

  9. does anyone know of a lawyer I can contact in regards to the problems I have been having with bank of america and my mortgage? A telephone number or any other information ?

  10. Please do. I cannot think of any other entity that deserves a lawsuit more than BOA. Truly the most hated bank in America…even surpasses Wells Fartgo.

  11. Bank of America is screaming for a Class action law suit against them. They od your accounnt, hide transactions that were paid 3 days back. Deposits are credited when they want and then pays the largest amount of the checks first and the smallest later so they can charge an OD.; How can they get away with this is incredible. You think that no institutions supervises them. Yes, supervisors never call you back.

  12. Bank of America took our home after several attempts to get help from them after my husband had a heart attack and a quadruple bi-pass. I would like to join in any class action lawsuit against this bank.

    1. Bank of America foreclosed on my home three times after I notified them that I was out of work and recuperating from Open heart lung surgery. I went to a lawyer to stop one foreclosure and they foreclosed two other times. They have promised me modifications which they put through and I also asked them for a reverse mortgage which they will not do. They have raised my payment saying that interest went up. Now that I can no longer work and my husband is also disabled and we have got behind again on payment they are trying to force me into a short sale which I have no intention of doing and told them I would sue them if they try again to take my home. I then called my bankruptcy attorney. I do not have an attorney yet to take the case but I am still working on it.
      I feel everyone who has and is being done wrong by Bank of America and make up a petition for each one to type their name to and someone send it to the Attorney General’s Office. I have had enough of Bank of America’s lies and promises. They kept telling me they were so sorry about my health problems and they would help me any way they could to get a modification. That to me was a cover up to take my home. I am also a senior citizen on a limited income.

  13. BoA forced me into foreclosure does anyone know of a lawyer I can contact in regards to the problems I have been having with bank of america and my mortgage? A telephone number or any other information ? I feel nothing can be done to this to big to fail BoA. my wife is dying of cancer been fighting since 2008,needing some good news…

    1. you can File complaint with Office of currency of the Controller which I did. I am doing everything I can to find a way to sue them and save my home. As I stated I am a senior Citizen on a small income and can not afford to sell and move elsewhere. Bank of America needs to be stopped at what they are doing to people. I sent them a payment which they told me to send them and they sent it back to me twice.

  14. Bank of America continues with the very same practices that got them sued prior to the March 2012 settlement. Per the settlement, ” must provide easily accessible and reliable single point of contact for first mortgage borrowers” Seven months and seven different customer relationship managers, lost documents numerous times, claims of not receiving documents (sent certified/return receipt), etc. After all this time , effort, energy, etc. they sold my loan ! No phone call from my customer relationship manager. Clearly they are not abiding by this stipulation in the settlement.
    As lawyers say, they are papering up the file. No intent to modify your loan. I have kept a detailed record of my phone calls, faxes, Fed Ex document sent, etc. Seven pages that details everything by date and time from the date I sent in my Home Loan Modification Application till today. I have sent letters (with my contact log) to my Attorney General and the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight. New York and Florida Attorney Generals have filed a post settlement lawsuit.

    Mine was a simple request.Convert my 15 year mortgage to a 30 year. I have large equity in the property and recent loan to value was 47.0 %. Simple. Not for B of A.
    I am 30 days behind on my mortgage payment. Seven months to make a decision whether to modify my loan ? Criminal as there is intent on the part of B of A.

    Write your Attorney General, your congressman, Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight and anybody else who can bring this fraudulent behavior to light.

    1. I called bank of America after they sent me papers for modification to see how they were progressing with the modifications and they told me that they never received papers. At that time I informed them I was holding a letter in my hand as we talked claiming they had received all the papers they needed and that they had started on my modification. She conveniently found them in front of her. They have done this. I also have documentation of Conversations I had with Bank of America employees. I wrote down the time I talked with them name of person to whom I spoke with and as much of conversation that I could take down. I also have copy of Fax from Bank of America telling me to send them a check which they sent back that that faxed to me and a representative of Bank of America to a Bank of America office. I have got to the point that I don’t care if they get a payment from me or not. They have told me numerous times to send them what I can as they have to accept it. I think that everyone that is having problems with them should do the same. They are not going to do a modification or reverse mortgage as they promise you, as they rather take the home from you and resale it as they are trying to convince me I should do. No way I am selling out if I have to send them $5.00 a month. I am a fighter and I will continue to fight them until I have won my victory of having my home and them out of Business if possible. All I can say to all of you out there with the same problem don’t give up keep fighting them with every fiber you have in you.

      1. I also have been in a nightmare with Back of America they told us that if we sent them a partial payment they would send it back they would only except full payments. They made me mad, hysterical and I had anxiety attacks. Since 2011 we (had) fights with them they had me crying and yelled at me so loud that my daughter came out of her room wanting to know what was wrong. I may not have every piece of paper that they sent us and copy’s of papers I sent and faxed to them. They bought the loan from Taylor Bean and we have had trouble since then. We gave up we could not take the abuse. Now they sold it to another bank who tells us to move back in when Bank of America said they would do a deed of leau and needed to vacate the property which we did. Now they are giving us the same crap as BAK I told them we were leaving the state as we cannot afford to live here any more and have family else where. We would like to sue them for all the abuse they have caused us. Any idea would be appreciated. Sincerely, P

    2. Thank you for the suggestions on whom to contact. I hope that things have turned around for you. I just wrote a lengthy comment, but accidentally deleted it. Wanted to make sure you saw this before that happened again.

  15. I have tried for about four years or more to have my mortgage modification with no avail and for all the well known reasons the banks are using to deceive the applicants. I would like to join the suit just because it will damage B. o A. regardless of the financial awards. The financial system is corrupt to the core and damaging people world wide enough is enough.

  16. I would like to know how to get in this lawsuit. THey did the same damn thing to me, and if I hadn’t went to Quicken Loans, then I would have lost everything. Here is what pisses me off. I too am in the underwater situation, and I would appreciate it very much if anybody knows where to lead me to the traugh, because BOA, is a bunch of crooks along with the Countrywide, which I was part of also. Please help me with this info, I deeply appreciate it.

  17. I have been waiting for a mod for the last 3 yrs. I wasn’t even late on a payment but asked for a loan mod through BOA, after they bought out Countrywide. Lost my job in 2007 and hadn’t worked for 2 yrs. BOA said no problem, sent me papers to sign and gave me a lower payment to pay. I payed this lower payment for a year and finally I saw they were reporting me as late pay for the entire year on credit report. I called and asked why and got the answer you only have been paying a partial. l payment and you now owe 12,000.00 in rears or we foreclose. That day I hired a lawyer and my load mod is still not approved. I have lived in my house for 23 yrs. and never had a problem with any mortgage payment until BOA came along. I think it’s criminal what they done and should make it right to everyone they lied to and tried to and did take their homes. If a law suite is started I want to be it it.

  18. This is my last letter to Bank of America.

    I understand that it is convenient for Bank of America to skip over the human element and refer to the facts of my account history in order to attempt to justify Bank of America’s actions. Bank of America attempts to identify with that same emotional aspect of their customers by stating, “We know this is a difficult time, and we’re here to help.” This exact quote is used in numerous pieces of Bank of America correspondence, brochures and webpages. If you would like copies to refresh your recollection of its’ use, I will be happy to provide them for you.

    Clearly, Bank of America has no idea how difficult my time was when my house burned down taking with it a cherished family member. Clearly, Bank of America is not interested in the number of nights that I lay awake or cried myself to sleep wondering if I was going to have a place to live after the rebuild of the house and after I endorsed and mailed Bank of America a $152,091.11 insurance check. Why did Bank of America continue to request financial information and documentation from me if, due to the house fire, they were not considering offering me a home loan modification? Bank of America even sent a company, Titanium Solutions, to my location in order to meet with me to collect documents to help Bank of America review my loan during this time frame. What is the reasoning behind not granting a home loan modification due to the house not being occupied because of fire? Most people are not occupying homes they want to purchase and yet they are offered home loans.

    Through no fault of mine, my home burns down; I am destitute without a change of clothes. I’ve lost everything I own to the fire, yet I endorse and mail Bank of America insurance check after insurance check, help to manage the rebuild of the house and Bank of America refuses to consider a home loan modification for me. Would Bank of America consider that being there to “help during a difficult time?” Did Bank of America take it into consideration when I was paying the INCREASED payment on the 2012 loan recast, how I was able to afford those increased payments was because I was paying with all my insurance money that was suppose to be for furniture, clothing, family heirlooms to be replaced due to the fire? That is why when the insurance money ran out I was forced to default on the loan. I understand why Bank of America would not want to address these issues. Because Bank of America would have to justify ignoring and turning a blind eye and their backs on a customer in crisis that really needed a tiny bit of compassion and maybe a small reconsideration for an affordable home loan modification.

    Would Bank of America be interested to know that due to me sending Bank of America a large part of my insurance money that was meant to be spent on replacing furniture, clothing, family heirlooms, personal items that I no longer have the money to replace these items? Would Bank of America care that everything I have was donated or given to me by people and organizations that actually are there for people during difficult times. I did not get to replace my beautiful living room set or my comfortable bed. I took what I was given in order to stay in my home in the ghetto.

    I tried to do the right thing when everyone told me to take the money and run. When I look back at all the heartbreak, emotional pain and suffering I have endured largely due to Bank of America’s actions, I wish I would have taken the money and ran.

    I will NEVER consider Bank of America again for any financial services I need in the future. I am going to look for a refinance now for my $100,000 home and place a clause in the conditions that says, “Bank of America, in any capacity, is NEVER allowed to purchase this loan.” It is unforgivable they way Bank of America kicked me when I was down.

    And you might want to reconsider talking to me about submitting current financial information and documentation because I am somewhat organized and I have individual folders for each and every submission of documentation and information to Bank of America, which I will be happy to provide to you as proof that current and complete information and documentation was submitted each and every time Bank of America requested it. I also have copies of everything I submitted at each and every “Homeowner’s Event” Bank of America put on in the Sacramento area. I spent entire days at each of these events trying to work with Bank of America toward an amicable solution.

    Your letter states, “Depending on the delinquency of an account at the time of the modification, monthly payments may increase. Additionally, the principal balance of a loan may increase as the delinquent principal, interest, fees, and escrow balance are added to the principal balance in order to bring the account current.” My account would not have been delinquent if Bank of America would have given me a home loan modification when I originally asked for one, when I became disabled and lost my job! But because Bank of America put it off for two years, the account was two years delinquent. No surprise there. How about helping a customer who has just become disabled and lost her job? Instead, Bank of America increased the stress and emotional suffering by ignoring all my submissions for help and sending out increasingly aggressive notices about my loan default and imminant foreclosure.

    One of the problems here is that Bank of America can only see Bank of America’s side of things. And, realistically, that is all Bank of America cares about. That is why there are so many unhappy and dissatisfied Bank of America customers currently.

  19. Please help me find a class action lawsuit to join I’m weeks away from loosing my home. I’m disabled at 40 years old and can never go back to work again. I’ve tried working with bofa for the last 2 to 3 years and can get nowhere. Please help I’m desperate.


      The Berger Law Group, P. A

      4100 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 300, Tampa, FL, 33609


      To Call For Assistance: 866-781-0725 ask for Corey Lassiter

      Monday – Friday, 9am – 8pm EST

      Saturday, 10am – 5pm EST

      1 Why are you getting this notice?

      If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter, please disregard this letter. Is your principle loan balance more than what your home is worth? Have you exhausted your requests for help from your lender in getting your loan modified?

      Our office is in the process of filing a Complex Tort Action (lawsuit) against lenders on behalf of homeowners throughout the country for potentially fraudulent lender/servicer actions. We are not in the business of seeking loan modifications as statistics have shown that loan modifications are not a long term solution to homeowners’ problems.

      The goal of this litigation is to reduce the interest rate, monthly payment, and

      principal balance for qualified borrowers through litigation. Additionally, we will seek monetary compensation for damages.

      If you are experiencing foreclosure or sale date problems, our team can help guide you in the proper direction.

      To determine whether your loan or mortgage matches the criteria being considered for a potential lawsuit, please contact this office to learn more, CALL 1-866-781-0725 and ask for Corey Lassiter

      The Berger Law Group, P.A., is a collective of attorneys investigating the methods and practices used by banks, originators, servicers and other participants to induce borrowers into financing or refinancing high cost or high interest rate mortgages.

      Factors that we consider and investigate to determine your eligibility as it relates to Alleged Deceptive Practices and Investigation of AllegedMisrepresentation:

      (i) The Defendants’ deception in inducing Plaintiffs to enter into loans and mortgages from approximately 2001 through 2010 and which were acquired or are serviced by Defendants;

      (ii) The illegal use of MERS (The Mortgage Electronic Registration System) in connection with those loans and mortgages, and Mortgage Note Origination;

      (iii) The Defendants’ failure to perform their obligations required pursuant to accepting modification TARP funds;

      (iv) The Defendant’s breach of Plaintiffs’ statutorily protected rights;

      (v) The Defendants’ breach and willful violation of numerous consumer and homeowner

      protection statutes, and the willful violations of unfair business practices statutes;

      (vi) Accepting money, transferring alleged assets, and foreclosing upon alleged assets in instances where the alleged assets do not exist, and which these Defendants have no right, title, or interest upon which they can act, Patriot Act Violations/Unlawful Funding of Note;

      (vii) Defendant’s continuing tortuous conduct.

      Please be advised: Statutes of limitations have begun to toll, and this is a factor which may bar your claims in the


      We are not sponsored by or affiliated with your current lender. Before making your choice of attorney, you should give this matter careful thought. The selection of an attorney is an important decision. Pre-selection criteria and audit of home loan consists of loan amount, loan to value percentages, date of loan, and residential jurisdiction. Eligibility status for representation is based on numerous criteria. Results will vary on a case by case basis. We do not guarantee a successful outcome. The Berger Law Group can help you determine whether the available legal alternatives are appropriate for your personal circumstances. This advertisement does not constitute legal advice. Our team of lawyers coordinated by The Berger Law Group, P.A., have substantial experience in lender fraud and related claims.

      1. I would like to join lawsuit against Bank of America. My credit is still reflecting negatively due to the incompetent way that they handled my loan modification. My loan went from current July1, 2010 to foreclosure notices July 10, 2010. How do you go from current to foreclosure in 2 weeks??

      2. I will be contacting your office for consultation on my Florida mortgage. BOA held more than $7000.00 in funds and threatened foreclosure if I did not enter into a modification agreement. They refused to review the account to determine what happen to funds paid and I ultimately was forced into requesting a modification to keep my home. After two years, many errors, and a letter to BOA CEO and Congress, I received a copy of my BOA payment history which demonstrated they had the funds all along and were held in an unapplied account. In addition, since they dragged out the multiple inaccurate modification agreements, my lone was ultimately increased by $18,000 and extended an additional 3 years. I have been screwed over by BOA in so many ways and there seem to be no assistance available to review and address the matter. I have a copy of all necessary documents and continue to search for help regarding the matter.

  20. The mere thought of what Countrywide & Bank of America have done to me knots my stomach, and reading some of these comments from others well … it’s REALLY not hard to see why some people just snap one day and do crazy things. Not hard at all. As for me, if I didn’t work full time and have a family to take care of I’m so royally ticked off at BoA for what they’ve done to me that I dream of setting up a lawn chair on the sidewalk in front of my local branch with a huge sign reading “BEND OVER AMERICA” and telling my story to each and every person that happened by and would spare me 5 mins.

  21. I seperated from my husband in 2011 and moved out of our home. the mortgage was solely in my name but I could not afford the note so he agreed to pay it. after a few months he stops paying the mortgage. I had lost my job and called Bank of America to see what my options were. at first I was told there was nothing they would do because I had no job, so the note went delinquent. I called over and over to try and get assistance. I I was told that I qualified for modification, filled out all the paperwork and supplied all the documents and then was told that I did not qualify. I was told someone will contact me for further options. No one ever called. so the process began again. I called, I was told I qualified for modification. I told them that I didn’t, they said i had bad information and that I needed to apply again. long story short I didn’t qualify. After months of calls with no response I got in contact with the presidential team. I worked closely with a representative that was going to do a deed in lieu. that didn’t work either. So we finally agreed they would start the foreclosure process. the paperwork was filed in the beginning of 2013. I’ve got the runaround ever sInce. still no date on foreclosure even though every time I talk to her I’m told it will be just a few more weeks. the stress is going to kill me and meanwhile my ex husband lives for free in my house. he won’t leave and the expense to have him removed is too great. anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

    He gave tax payers money to these banks and the banks gave out million dollar bonuses but are screwing homeowners who are trying to save their home. He knew the banks would give home owners are hard time once they received the money.

  23. Same story here. I’ve been trying to get a loan mod for over two years, I’ve been approved and they keep saying I don’t have all the documents they need.I just received a foreclosure sale date today in the mail. I’m totally feed up with boa…I’m constantly wondering where my kids and I will end up..

  24. I have hated B of A for over 10 years now. My refinance was denied for 5 years and cancelled via letter at Christmas. I paid 10 years of Flood Insurance and am not in a flood zone. They have imposed additional escrow, insurance premiums, denied removal of PMI,, etc. You name it, I experienced it. I begin all of my customer service calls with, “I hate Bank of America, please send me to a supervisor or escalations”.

    This is by far, the worst institution I have ever done business with. As a function of so many of these lawsuits and settlements, I wish the government offered a credit for current customers wishing to change servicers. I am sorry for those that lost their properties and wish you peace of mind in the new year.

    1. DN,
      That is the smartest suggestion I’ve seen yet. We should be able to switch, since the whole world knows how BAC screws everyone, and none of it pleasurable.
      A government credit would be nice, but anyone with a current BAC mortgage should be allowed to swap lenders. Can’t understand for the life of me how they can get away with the criminal acts that they have done. Oh, wait. They own the Government.

  25. BOA has lost several of our documents, told us if we work with NACA that can not assist us with a modification and denied our request for modification and send us foreclosure documentation. Please HELP!

    1. I went through 3 years of attempting to get a loan modification. For all that read this I learned that as long as you are being reviewed for modification they can not forclose. I submitted the same paperwork every month for 3 years. I was lucky I finally did get a loan modification from a company called Bayview and was able to keep my house. I went through all the hell with the calls and threats and lies to, but I refused to give up. I’m disabled as well and could not move with out major help. It’s a shame that it is no long avalible to join the current lawsuit , but I don’t think any of us would benefit from it only the lawyers.

  26. Why can Bank of America ruin a credit score when everything was done to save my home. I retired and requested to lower my house payment. For over 10 months. I took all the actions requested of me to lower the payment. Bank of America refused to lower the payment and foreclosed on my house. I never missed a payment on my house. Upon the advice of a lawyer I moved–BIG MISTAKE! Bank of America sold my house for 100,000,000 dollars less than what I owed on it. This company is ruthless and has the nerve to ask our government for bailouts.

  27. I am going through the same crap lost paper work and miscoded papers and payments due to their miscodeing .been doing this crap with BOA for two years was approved for loan and they declined my payment and revoked my trailpayment agreement and wont honor or approve new MOD-loan need HELP phone # OR E-MAIL ADDRESS to join the, or a lawsuit to HOME my HOME can any one HELP ME need ATTORNEY OR LAWER RECOMONDATION MY E-MAIL

  28. After my boss of 10 years retired and I had exhausted all of the ways to bring in income, I went to a local branch asking for a refinance. I was told because I was not working that I would not qualify. A lady then let me know that if I “missed” a couple of payments they would “have” to help me. I then contacted them asking for assistance. After months and months of filling out the same forms they told me I qualified for some sort of repayment. They basically wanted me to pay every single penny my husband made in a month to them and no other bills. I, for obvious reasons, could not do that. I was asking for assistance. I wasn’t sure how they thought by doubling the payment, I already couldn’t afford, would make a difference. So, we went back to more paperwork. After months of going round and round with them I received a letter from a company out of state soliciting their services to basically forcing BOA into a modification I had asked for. At that time I chose to hire an attorney. Since then we have moved out and within days they had already changed the locks without notifying myself or my attorney. They have been told, by myself, that I am being represented by an attorney, they still have proceeded with foreclosure and not communicated with my attorney at all. This bank needs to be shut down. There is nothing honest about them. They have been bailed out yet, turn their heads when it comes to actually helping someone that truly wants to stay in their home. If in fact there is a lawsuit brewing, count me in. I want to see them go down. Everyone of us deserve better than, our once happiness of owning our own home, to being so stressed out our bodies are being affected by all of the lies and run arounds we received.

  29. Let start a class action who ever purchased a home SHORT SALE from bank america. I dealt with them and had nothing but bully tactics. First they say we set the price and are the one running the price the homeowner has no say and then do not budge on an appraisal ? Then when it comes in to fix problems they say they are not the owners and it is owners who needs to fix repairs? When I finally purchased a condo it was more then apprasial but after 7 months was not worth the 20,000 I should of NOT paid got house. Then the kicker at close the deadbeat walks away and recives a check for 5,000? When i asked them the condo needed work that was told to me was fixed they said sue the seller???? They want the cake and eat it too

  30. I applied for Loan modification in 2009. I submitted all the documentation that was requested of me. I constantly called in to check the status of my application. I was always told that they had all my documents that they needed. They even assigned my file to a case worker in the bank. However, in 2010, the bank wrote me a letter of denial based on the lie that I had not submitted all the required documents. At that time I was behind my mortgage payments by several months. My only alternative was to file for Bankruptcy Chapter 13 to protect my house and property. I closed my bank account with Bank of America and my credit has been significantly hurt. I need any help I can get to sue Bank of America.

    1. Have you made any progress Robert? I recently file BK 13, and it seems to have kicked me OUT of the HAMP program. They’re doubling my mortgage, which is never supposed to exceed 33.7% of my income. They’ve nearly doubled it (by 48%) which is well more than half my annual income.
      Please contact me off site and let me know your progress, or any suggestions that you have.

  31. Bank of America is a mess. We went through the same thing with the modification loan process, endless faxing of paperwork, then they send it back to you saying it wasn’t filled out correctly, they don’t tell you what needs to be filled out correctly, this was just a mess. My husband & I eventually had to resubmit again and again.. what a trial this was. I will never do business with them again.

  32. We had a home equity loan through Bank of America that was paid off in August of 1996. We found our retirement dream home and only during the escrow of that have we discovered that Bank of America never released the lien on our current home, for 18 years!! We have now lost our retirement home because for 2 weeks, Bank of America keeps giving us the runaround and passes us to new people who never call us back. Do not do business with Bank of America. We are having to find an attorney to rectify the situation, and even though all the representatives knew that we had a deadline for our escrow, none of them made any effort to help us get this rectified. In fact, no one could ever even find the reference numbers we were given on each call and kept telling us their “hands were tied.” We believe they just shuffle people around hoping that they will go away. We are going to the media with this, as we have found numerous other people that this has happened to as well…..

  33. I was foreclosed on because of the lies I was told by bank of America. Everytime I called them for help I was always denied saying that I didn’t qualify or that I was making to much money when I was a single mom trying to save our house. How and where can I get involved with this?

  34. i also went through this all of what was described here with boa and former countrywide. i spent two years(they were getting ready to foreclose on me at the end of that two years, (numerous threatening letters they were setting the date to foreclose), trying to get a loan modification to lower the payments, paperwork wrong, lost, never recd, ect. two years of extreme grief. originally owed right under 79 and 20 yrs, then they finally gave me a home loan modification, with all the late charges, service fees, ect., boa knocked it up to 100 and 30 yrs! i am 58! talk about getting screwed! i also need info on how to get in on this suit! this all started because they would not work with me when i called them. they said they would not accept a partial payment on a mortgage, when i didnt have the funds! since then i work 7 seven days a week 1 full time 3 part time jobs to keep my head above water. i’m going to do this for the next 30yrs! hmmm, whats wrong with this picture?! i even wrote to president obama 2 yrs ago. i got absolutely NO response from ANYONE! sooo sad.

  35. Someone please help me too!!! I was in process of filing for the HAMP when BOA sold my loan to Nationstar. Everything was submitted and I was just waiting (quite awhile) to close then I called and followed up to find I was sold. On top of that, after I was sold BOA kept withdrawing my mortgage payment and over drafting my account. Nationstar put me in default for this. Then I try to go through HAMP with Nationstar and I meet all the criteria on the phone with the first person then they need to connect me to the next person and so on and so on until I get to a person who tells me they are not offering the HAMP program. Now, recently Nationstar raised my fixed-rate mortgage and they won’t tell me why. I checked my taxes and home insurance and nothing was raised but Nationstar says they can’t see why. Of course I’m afraid to not pay the difference and lose my home. Anyone know how I can take more legal action against them both? Thank you and all you have my condolences as I am sure there are many worse than me.

  36. I won’t go into a long version of my experiences with BofA as that horse has been beat to a pulp by previous posters. Same thing here, useless waste of time phone calls, getting shuffled from desk to desk, resubmittting modification application packages they say weren’t completed correcrly even though we followed their cover page checklist and ticked off item after item…

    But here’s a twist for you all. While waiting for the results of mod application request number 4 in the fall of 2013 we find out our loan has been sold, or is at least being serviced by a new player in the game; Green Tree Servicing LLC. We had been paying a modified trial amount to BofA for 3 or 4 months when we learned of the new player and weren’t displeased at all with the amount….surprisingly.
    Skip ahead a couple months to November where I’m injured at work. Because my employer refused to file a report with their comp carrier or the state of Wisconsin I’m able to collect unemployment but fall a month behind in mortgage payments. So we slowly try to repay that $1140.xx by paying a little extra each payment. We’d already had to file Ch. 13 three years ago because of crushing credit card and medical debt after our careers fell to off shoring and the economy and we couldn’t keep up so have a bankruptcy attorney and protection(ish).

    Back in November as soon as I got injured I called Green Tree to let them in on my bad fortune and to request to take advantage of one or more of the programs they offer and state on their website; specificially a 6 month unemployment forebearance. Without even requesting any supporting documentation from me I’m summarily denied. Soooo, I ask about HARP/HAMP…now get this, I was told “Those programs are for death or divorce.” Huh? I love my wife of 25 years but that’s an extreme suggestion with neither one of us willing to make the sacrifice for a damn house!

    So I figure I got a future Darwin Award winner for a phone rep and say Thank You and hang up to call back. I call back, get a nice young lady who seems excited to help us.
    FINALLY I think…something good will come of this mess. She goes through some logical and appropriate preliminary question answer stuff and only needs to put me on hold to get supervisor signoff. Sounds easy skeezy eh? HUH! A very brusque emotionless woman picks up my call, doesn’t introduce herself, and proceeds to launch into a bad child hand slapping fest about my fiscal irresponsibilities and contractual obligations. Needless to say, I broke Dad’s rule number 1…don’t hit a woman. I fired back (I’m proud of myself…I didn’t f-bomb her once!) with all guns blazing. Needless to say, we’re not exchanging Christmas cards this year…or ever.

    So I do some research and find out Fannie Mae issued a bulletin to services in 2011 requiring them to make an Unemployment Forebearance program available with all due haste, presumably in response to massive national job losses.


    I contacted Fannie Mae and was assigned a rep located in California. I received a qualification package consisting of financial requests, much like the old familiar BofA packages, filled it all out and quadruple checked everything, and faxed it immediately.
    Skip ahead 2 weeks. My wife and I can’t stand the waiting so I called and spoke with our rep. She tells me they need more information. I absently asked why they didn’t ask in the first place because the foreclosure clock is ticking. We provide the information and fax it in. The final words from this rep were, “You might want to think about waiting to see what they (Green Tree Servicing) offer you once you’re more than 3 months late.” Huh? I’m not saying I’m the smartest kid in the class but I KNOW what they’ll do! I read the finance paperwork and follow the news for cripes sake!

    So, skip ahead 5 weeks to within the last month. We hear nothing so having lost faith in our current Fannie Mae rep I go back to their website and start the process all over again. I get a call within 2 days from another rep (Friday of last week, 9.12.14), a young guy, who wouldn’t let me get a word in if my life depended on it. He’s sending yet another package but this one will show we’re now minus my UC funds. We haven’t received the package yet and we wonder why he is sending a physical package when the first failed Fannie Mae attempt was emailed in a PDF format. In a nutshell this young man informed me if we were to get a 6 month forebearance there would be a balloon payment due at the end unless we needed an additional 6 months. Then the balloon would be $1140.43 x 12!

    So that’s where we’re at. And Fannie Mae, as well as Freddie Mac is run by the government in case nobody knew. Not ‘run by’ as in having to adhere to banking rules so much as being government owned and subsidized with taxpayer funding with huge corporate salaries and typical government indifference.

    Ronald Reagan said it best when he said the 9 most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” lol My wife and I are sooooo screwed!

    I haven’t found a site for a Bof class action posted here…did we miss out on that opportunity?

    By the way, I ended up having to get a spinal fusion in March for my work injury…which is STILL being battled by lawyers from both sides and Green Tree Servicing still refuses to disclose any information to us regarding our mortgage because of our Ch. 13…even though we’ve proven our identity and should have full unrestricted ability to manage oir account. We don’t even know what fees, penalties, or anything actually is going on with our account. We do know our credit we were repairing is back in the trash. *sigh*

  37. BOA forced me to pay a higher cost for flood insurance that was needed. Now I’m in the Oregon class action lawsuit. However I’ve just found that I will get about 86 dollars, and the lawyers get 750,000 each, where’s the justice? How can lawyers sleep? Later in life maybe they will reflect on all the people they have screwed over. The judge and lawyers and BOA should pay the individuals 1st and get what’s left over, why not , that’s what I’m getting!

  38. So we begin back in 2009 when we had our house built. We used the builders financial institution so that we could get all of the goodies offered with using the builders preferred lender. With our original mortgage we were told that we needed to send in an extra check each month for our escrow account to cover taxes as the property showed undeveloped and once shown developed the taxes would go up. We did this the whole first year sending in two checks. One check was for our mortgage with mortgage and our account number written in the memo line. The second check had ESCROW ACCOUNT written in the memo line with the account number. After a few months of moving in our newly built home we were notified that Bank of America had bought our loan. No big deal we continue sending two checks each month as before now made out to BOA. After almost a year with BOA we are notified that we owe five thousand some odd dollars to our escrow account. It turns out the checks with ESCROW ACCOUNT were applied to our principal instead of the escrow. After numerous calls to BOA we now are told our mortgage payment will be raised to over two thousand dollars from the original $1479 plus escrow payment. I explain the situation to numerous BOA points of contact we are assigned along with BOA escrow escalation dept. We get no where. We still continue to pay our original amount to BOA during this time. We are now told we can apply for a modification to assist with our mortgage. We go through several BOA staff trying to complete the modification with repeated “lost paperwork” etc. We finally receive the approved letter for the amount of eighteen hundred some odd dollars and cents. We continue making our original payment amount still arguing the escrow issue. BOA now says we are behind and in danger of foreclosure. Fast forward all of this back and forth to Oct. 2013 when on the third modification we finally get for a payment of $1649. On top of this we were told by BOA that we never should have had to make the payment to the escrow account with the second check, that it had already be calculated into the original $1479. We make all trial mod payments and re approved for the modification. We continue making our monthly payments but due to a “computer glitch” in the BOA computer 4 of our payments are held due to the modification not being closed out in their system even though we had received and returned the final mod paperwork. We now get a new letter saying our point of contact with BOA had changed again (4th person). Now in 2014 we hit a hard time when our child is hospitalized and we miss one payment. We explain the situation to BOA with no help. We now begin receiving default and foreclosure letters. We email who we think is the CEO of BOA explaining the situation to be contacted by a female from the office of the president with BOA. We explain everything to her and she is able to fix our modification in the computer system to close it out. She says she has to speak with her manager about the other 4 payments rejected due to their computer error. A couple of weeks go by and we now are advised of having a new P.O.C. from the office of the president who demands we make the 4 payments or risk being in default. We explain the situation to him and how the previous female was to speak with her manager about the payments held by the computer glitch. He advises there is nothing to be done about that except pay them all now or risk being in default. We continue to make our payments as best as possible and miss a payment due to an unexpected expense. Now in 2014 we receive all of the legal notices about foreclosure, auction etc. It now becomes impossible to reach anyone at BOA. Calls go unanswered and unreturned. We try contacting HUD who directs us back to BOA. Our house is placed up for auction at the county courthouse with no buyers. Our house is then listed online on a third party website for auction that closes every few days until finally listed everyday. We are now being contacted by an investment company stating they have purchased the property and are to close Feb. 11, 2015 and want to discuss an exit strategy. The saga continues as we have now contacted a lawyer to assist us. We will keep everyone updated with the status as it proceeds. We need to stop letting this big bully push around all of the little guys!!!!

  39. ok…this is good…b.o.a.has foreclosed on the house my deceased husband bought. they sue first my deceased husband, then the estate, now they sue me feb 2015 seven years later. the serve me and i am not …not on the note..i plan to ptotrst at their headquarters with a sign telling the world. about this…lost my assumption papers, lost my modification papers. etc
    im not giving them my home without someone hearing this… dd

  40. additional comment…from denise r.,,im a veteran and they hav ignored my certificate of eligibility to get a veteran home loan or in this case an assumption

  41. Bank of America shut down two (2) credit card accounts telling me that I requested the card accounts be closed. This was a lie but how to prove it? Though it may sound like no big deal having those cards remain open, it was in fact vital to my ongoing debt consolidation efforts and the irony as regards the closing of both cards is just this: both had very small balances and I was about to pay off the balances in just a few more months. Playing the credit card balance transfer game (not proud of this), nearly all of my debt was being carried at a zero percent rate. Bank of America clearly wasn’t satisfied with the 3% fee they had garnered when I took them up on a 0% balance transfer offer for 12 months and while one card had a remaining balance at an 8.99% rate, it was being paid on time and with above the minimum payments. The LIE that I requested the accounts be closed is what roils and it is just plain wrong. Thanks for listening and I am glad to share that despite Bank of America trying to trip me up on my efforts to consolidate debt, I am beyond the credit card balance transfer remedies and I am closing in on being debt free. Mercifully, my retirement accounts remian in place. All good but with little to no help from, yes, what has been termed the HATE BANK by many.

  42. So here we are in 2015. I have received $500.00 from Russ Consulting as a result of the independent review board settlement. I also received a $1,482.00 check as a result of the National Mortgage Settlement award. That totals 1,982.00. Here it is 2 years later. I have read, heard and saw many news casts and notifications advising of the historical $16.5 billion settlement with BOA. I have reached out to both above mentioned firms, my Attorney General, Department of Justice and the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of Currency to inquire on who the beneficiaries are of this settlement. I have received no response from any of the above mentioned entities. I reside in Virginia. have been unsuccessful in locating ANY attorney who has the courage to go up against BOA. My concern is, the people who I pay taxes to and have voted into office have totally ignored my concerns and my questions still go unanswered. Can anyone honestly tell me who the beneficiaries are that received any portion of the $16.5 Billion settlement.

  43. Textbook BOA wrongful foreclosure, originating from COUNTRYWIDE fraudulent predatory lending (changed numbers on credit report). Have proof of valid claim not only acceptance and Participation in DEFUNCT, INDEPENDENT FORECLOSURE REVIEW, but also the BONUS of Pennsylvania State representative THOMAS MURT’s OFFICE’S futile attempt to help us get any answers during the initial robosigning phase. House was eventually bought back by BOA 2/2014 and sold for less than we owed in 11/2014.
    Have found a Boutique Law Firm made up of individual attorneys from all over the country, that are savvy enough to take on the banks responsible for committing these illegal acts. I trust that these individuals have the guts and fortitude to get us a settlement that includes mega punitive damages. After losing EVERYTHING, Patience and faith are the only things we have left, and I believe the only things we will need to see this injustice through to the end.

    1. I would love to know the name of the firm that you found to represent you that travels all over US. We are having the same problem finding attorney to represent us for wrongful foreclosure by BOA. We have to go back to court July 21, 2016 with an attorney to represent us or file an appropriate pleading on our own or risk default judgement. We only got the continuance because the attorney withdrew from our case, but we won’t be given that chance again. We had hired a local attorney who decided after the fact he did not have the knowledge necessary to pursue all the issues constituting the case. He withdrew, filing a the reason that client wants to proceed with case in a matter that is nonessential. By the attorney making that comment he made us look like we were going to waste the court’s time because we didn’t have adequate cause. In the meantime we didn’t want to have this happen again due to a poor choice of an attorney. It seems to find an attorney with the expertise to argue the fraud involved you have to look to bigger cities. We have talked to other attorney’s but have yet to find anyone willing to travel to our city. If you could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

  44. I had a Bank of America Small Business Express Line of Credit since 2005. It was originally a Fleet product but they were bought by Bank America. The open letter stated “Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + Margin 4.25%” The margin was supposed to be fixed.

    However, just before when the Prime rates fell from 2008 to 2010 from 8.25% down to 3.25% Bank America doubled the “fixed” margin with the exact fudge factor of around 5% to shore up the Federal Reserve’s decrease of the rate.

    Then they called my loan in 2013 and demanded me switch over to a loan version and close the Line of credit.

    Bank America is known and has been penalized for rigging the LIBOR rate to go down. They did this so that they would not lose money to the municipalities like Alabama and Detroit ( Red AND Blue states ) with the Credit Default Obligation Swaps which the municipalities invested in with Bank of America. Instead the municipalities had to pay Bank of America and Detroit was bankrupt.

    But when Bank America rigged the LIBOR interest rate to go down, they had to shore up their Line of Credit interest rate which would have fallen as well. So Bank of America probably decided to double the margin portion of the interest rate which was supposed to be fixed.

    That is the flip side of the LIBOR rate rigging. Bank of America doubles up on the margin on their Lines of Credit so they can be win / win with a down market or an up market.

    keywords : bank America, small business line of credit. fleet, eric schneiderman, LIBOR rigging, bank litigation, interest rate manipulation,
    credit default swap, CDO, federal reserve.

  45. Bank of America is part of the world banking cartels whose goal is a one world government led by the them. They control the U.S. government including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I was injured by their egregious policies since 2005 when the housing crash was months away and you know that as lending is their business they had to know that. When they lent me the money to buy my home in December 2005, they didn’t try to warn me that there was a housing bubble and that my home would DECREASE in value and was I sure I wanted to go ahead? NOOO. Money was EASY to get because they knew exactly that they were creating MASSIVE amounts of collectible debt than they ever would have been able to if housing had stayed that the appropriate price levels. Their easy lending policies drove up the prices. The CEO’s and Boards KNEW what they were doing to people. And they figured out that they could package and sell those BIG over-inflated loans to unsuspecting investors and pocket ALL THAT MONEY. I hate Bank of America and the BIG BANKING FAMILIES that are behind them. My story, my loan was $180K on a home price of $210K. In just a few short months all my hard earned equity was gone. A year later the home value was $50K. I asked the bank to reduce my principle or I would never be able to sell. I would be stuck with this home FOREVER. The value would NEVER recover. They said “We don’t do principle reductions.” That was it. End of conversation. I hate them. They had to have some accountability. They accepted the appraisal just like I did. I don’t think I would ever buy another home without paying for my own PMI. Yes I paid for PMI for the bank. I stopped making payments. Fast forward a few years, they file foreclosure. Then a year later, they rescind the foreclosure. Then a year later, they file foreclosure again. Meanwhile I am just waiting, protecting my home from destruction by continuing to live in it even though I want to move to put it all behind me. Finally last year in November 2014 my home was sold at foreclosure. No one bid on it and the bank got it for $2000. Just $2000. Well really for nothing since they were just paying themselves. I HATE BOFA. At the same time, they had just finalized a settlement with the US Attorney General and others where they are required to offer some homeowner principle reductions. NOW GET THIS. The very week my sale was scheduled, my best friend, who bought when I bought and is in the same exact situation with BOFA, gets a letter from them. They offer her a principle reduction!!! Her numbers: home price $220K, amount owed with unpaid interest, fees, escrow $350K, new loan amount $129K!!! If she wasn’t my best friend I would hate her too, but I am happy for her. Why didn’t they do this for everyone who bought at over inflated prices? I just checked Zillow today and my home is pending for $129K. I would have been happy with a principle reduction to $129K and it would have been all taken care of in 2006. SUCKS!!!! No I am a renter with terrible credit. It just sucks. I HATE BANK OF AMERICA. I HATE BANK OF AMERICA. Thanks for providing me a place to vent.

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  49. We were a month behind on our mortgage payment. My husband figured they would just add it to the back of the note and we’d pay a small penalty. But, when we spoke to someone at Bank of America, they mentioned a loan modification. We were told that we did not qualify, because we were only a month behind (needed to be at least 3 months in arrears). Therefore, we applied and did as instructed. We were grateful, because we would see a reduction in payments. However, when we received our modification, our payments were INCREASED, not lowered! And the amount was substantially higher. We then contacted Bank of America regularly, every week for months and months, each time being reassured by yet another person, starting from the beginning with a new person. There was never any one person you could build a relationship with who knew your story or issue. At the end of nearly every conversation, we felt relieved to have been heard and understood and finally be seeing resolution. But months passed, and we were always back to square one with a growing debt. We were afraid of paying back the money, because we had heard that it was no guarantee that we would not be foreclosed on, and what we read online suggested that is exactly what would happen,; they would keep the money and we would still lose our home. By this time we did not trust Bank of America at all!!! One day our house was locked, with all of our stuff in it. I was upset with my husband, that he fell behind in the mortgage and didn’t tell me about it right away and now we were left without our home, a home we had built through sweat and tears, a home that held our memories. The stress and shame and blame was too much and we separated. That was five years ago. Bank of America trashed our life through a string of lies with no thought at all. All we wanted was for someone to listen and be accountable. We were only a month behind, and had every intention of making things right. Bank of America had other plans for us.

  50. I hate bank of america and countrywide home loans, and for that matter our government for giving them bailout money which they kept instead of helping us.
    I lost my 30,000 dollar down payment because of them.

  51. I have had similar issues with BOA stealing my home. Then they have the nerve to send me a check for $30.00. What I want to know is,why we as Americans can’t get a bail out like these corrupt banks have. I’m very disgusted

  52. bank of american forelcloseed on myhome and sold it i had to get a legal aid lawyer go to court to get it back now this all started when i ask b o a to help me repair a hole in my roof in which they(BOA)told me they couldn,t help me nor would thier insurance the said i had to fix it my self so i got a grant from the gov. the gov. sent out an inspector who then the gov. inspector DECLARED MY HOME UN FIT TO LIVE IN THIS WHEN I GOT THE GRANT THE HOUSE WAS TORN DOWN AND BIULT ME ANOTHER HOME THEN SOLD IT WENT TO COURT B O A TOLD THE THAT THAY MADE A MISTAKE MAID ME GET LOAN MODIFICATION START ALL OVER WITH LOAN OF 17 YEARS $44,000 HELP ME SOMSONE. PLEASE (903)7465724 PAULINE /OZINE*

  53. Bank of America gave me a “modified mortgage” and told me if I made the payments consecutively for 4-5 months, the loan would be modified and finalized….keep in mind this all went through a mortgage company representing me and dealing with BOA.
    After paying the modified for 14 months they started asking for the original information all over again. They told me I didn’t qualify…would repeat asking for documentation every two weeks, lied, harassed and STOLED MY HOME!!!!

  54. I have been fighting nasty old Bank of America for over five (5) years now on Five (5) loans that were allegedly originated and table funded by Countrywide Home Loans from 2002 to 2009 (the last loan was in early 2009 under Countrywide after B of A had supposedly bought out Countrywide
    I finally get a day in court for standing after the most recent cases and the one here in Colorado in George et al. v. Urban Settlement Services and nasty old B of A. for rackettering. They allegedly modified my loans using Urban as “attorney in fact” for Bank of America using phoney, forged, fabricated, and even “robosigned” documents.
    Last year the dumb once partime judge allowed them to worngfully foreclose on one property located at 15032 6160 Road using crooked Janeway Law that is allegedly bankrolled by the David J. Sterm lawfirm in Florida that really got in trouble for all they did in this huge racketeering scam. I have all the proof but just don’t have any money to fight the dirty Bs other than pro se. I will keep trying. Semper Fi

    Fred R. Schneider
    2210 Hatton Place
    Montrose, CO 81401

  55. I took a loan in Oct. 19/2005.with Countrywide. it was a predatory loan, & one that was turned over to B of A. The deed of trust or whatever paper work is needed to transfer from Countrywide to B of A, was either destroyed or lost. Whatever happened, B of A does not have any paper work on the loan. All this happened in 2008, but I never heard from B of A, they never contacted me & I didn’t hear from anyone from 2008 until 2011, after B of A sold it to a mortgage insurance company. Since there is no deed of trust, or any paper work of any kind, how can this mortgage co demand that loan & there is no paper work for them to do that. With no paper work no one can foreclose, so how can they or anyone demand this loan. The problem with this is, it is still owed in the eyes of finance companies. Since I didn’t pay on this loan for years, because I thought it was deleted with the other loans in o8, it is considered delinquent. therefore I can’t get a re-fi, a reverse mort, I can’t do anything. And yet I don’t think I even owe it in the first place. What can I do?

  56. I have a B of A loan, I called almost a year ago to “inquire” of how much it would be to add my property tax to my existing loan. They came back with an outrageous amount above my actual tax amount and added fees so I declined the offer. All this was done on the phone. Two months later they try to tell me in a letter my payment is past due on a partial payment with an open balance. I call and they say we are so sorry and will have that taken off your account, don’t worry. They now are calling once a week horasing me and sending letters telling me i am late. I want to be part or start a suite against B of A.

  57. BOA put me through 4 years of loan modification, accepting my payments all along and then denied the final modification. Lost my home of paying on for 18 years. I HATE BOA and the government screwed the American middle class by bailing them out and giving them money for support. We the American people are being cheated by our own government. BOA was given a license to steal. 61 and no home

  58. I was forclosed on in 2008 after being told dont make any payments for 3 months because i was eligible for a loan modification the appointment came i was there and they told me your appointment was yesterday. Before the next apointment date they forclosed on my house. My ex wifes family has a trust and offered to buy my loan outright and they couldnt find my loan papers yet they could to sell my home at a profit of more than $40kmore than i owed. I put $44k cash down and made payments for over 5 yeArs plus did extensive remodeling and thier own appraisal said my jome was valued at anout $270k. I only owed about 60k. Ya the settlement awarded us money. Lets add insult on injury. Thier ‘ LARGE’ SETTLEMENT $900.00…………

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