Open a New Account: Bank of America Still Messes Up

I opened a new business account. Several days later, I noticed there was $3,100 in the account, but it wasn’t debited from the other business account. Being the moral person that I am, I sent Bank of America an e-mail notifying them of the error.

Why not spend the money? Let’s see how this will play out:

  1. I spend the money.
  2. Bank of America realizes the error.
  3. Bank of America later withdraws $3,100 from my account.
  4. Bank of America slaps me with an overdraft fee.

One thought on “Open a New Account: Bank of America Still Messes Up”

  1. So looks like I found the error: the rep at my local banking center withdrew the $3,100 from a different account – an account used exclusively for charitable donations. Of course since she didn’t give me a receipt, there was no way to confirm this on the date of the transaction. Unfortunately, now New Years has past. I am so excited to see what kind of tax implications this is going to have.

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