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I needed to change my legal address because I am moving. I sent an e-mail to a rep at my local Bank of America banking center detailing all of the changes. I emphasized that I am very busy and would like to have the paperwork ready when I arrive. I received an e-mail back a few hours later telling me that the paperwork is complete and all I need to do is come in and sign it.

When I went into the banking center, I spent two hours of my life sitting across the table from a rep while he made the changes. Not only did I lose two hours of my life, but didn’t do the address change on two of my accounts and for one account, he changed the account address but not the debit card address, making the debit card completely unusable.

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  1. I went back into the banking center today to fix the remainder of the addresses. An hour of my life later, everything was fixed.

    I also changed the legal business name for one of my businesses because no one could spell it correctly and e-mails weren’t getting to me properly. The rep at the banking center told me that I couldn’t change the name on the account, but rather, I would need to close out my account and open a new one. Reluctantly, I agreed, because I know this will lead to more fees.

  2. Well it looks like they still didn’t correctly change the address on my business debit card because the card still is not working. We’ll try again in a few days.

    Oh yeah, and this business debit card is for a charity account – I’m trying to make two donations thru online websites.

  3. BofA also told me via phone that I could change the business name via the online business banking center. At the branch, they also made me wait over 45 minutes while they pecked at their computer, pretending to fill out forms to change the name and then refused to change the business name. Same as you, they told me to open a new account. The great news is that it is just as easy to open a new account at one of their competitor banks.

    That said, I guess I’m doing ok if they didn’t wrongly foreclose on my house, so I’ve got that going for me.

  4. please: update your system with my new address:

    New address: 10983 SW 4 Street apt 3
    Sweetwater, fl 33174
    My phone # 305-307-4517

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