Closed All of My Bank of America Accounts

Today was a very satisfying day for me. After working with Bank of America for the last 21 years (originally with Maryland National Bank, which then became Nations Bank, which then became Bank of America); and having had my most recent personal checking account since I turned 18 in 2002, I have closed the last of my Bank of America accounts.

Now…let’s get some ice cream and celebrate!

20 thoughts on “Closed All of My Bank of America Accounts”

  1. You are correct. To hell with BOA. I am transitioning my accounts now. WTF is going on with their stock, the company, customer service (none). keep sharing the share. move on and send the sign. i have been long time with these fools, ending this month. Stand up and say what you got to say. Take care and your money somewhere else BUT let BOA know.

    1. I closed my personal bank accounts withBOA 10 years ago, and was so happy! Now I have a job that banks with them , I have to make deposits almost every day, oh my God I am back in BOA hell!!! Hate them !!!!

  2. Hey what if I can tell you that I know of a bank that does personal checking and personal savings that has absolutely no fees, has a minimum deposit of $0.01, and gets .75% on its savings accounts.

    1. You’re a person that wants something for nothing, that’s the funny part. Would you work for nothing providing something to someone else free? All banks are the same. They lose money on your type and none of them want you as a customer.

  3. I get serious anxiety & panic attacks dealing with Bank of America !! I haven’t stepped into a Bank of America branch in 2 years & the one time I do they claim they have a verify my personal info with the fraud department! Which is pure BS! I have had this acct. opened for over 8 years, so no reason to keep me from making transactions & be held up for hours just to get clearance to use my card to pay my house note!! I absolutely detest this bank & will look to close my accts. ASAP!!

  4. How do you feel about fraud, being scammed, lied to, and stolen from? The home that my sister, my husband and I live in, is my deceased parents home. When both my parents passed away in 2005, the house was left to my two sisters and I. We resumed the mortgage, that is in my father’s name. When the banking system crashed, our home was not in foreclosure at the time. Our mortgage payment was only a couple weeks late. When I went to Bank of America with the late payment, they would not accept it. So, my two sisters and I hired an attorney. William Eppley in Brooksville FL to keep our home out of foreclosure. Mr. Eppley told us he couldn’t help us until we went into foreclosure. Mr. Eppley told us to pay him $200/month and he would keep us in our home for maybe one year. During this time, Bank of America took our dads mortgage and modified it over the phone 3 times to my sister and I. It was fraud, they modified a dead man’s loan. Bank of America sent us three different loan books in my dad’s name. A year later, we found out that Mr. Eppley never contacted Bank of America, nor filed any court proceedings on our behalf. We fired Mr. Eppley. We have proof in writing from Bank of America that Mr. Eppley never filed with the courts. Then we hired Kel Law Firm in Tampa FL to save our home, again we were scammed. They never contacted Bank of America on our behalf to save our home. So, 4 years and thousands of dollars later our home sat stag, according to Bank of America. This put our home into foreclosure. We have tried to get a hearing from Hernando County in Brooksville FL. We were not granted a hearing. We need to find some honest people to listen to our side of this corrupt situation and to find us some justice. My sister and I are disabled. Our home was only appraised by Bank of America for $40,000. Can someone help us? We don’t understand how this can happen, we have proof of everything. We don’t want to leave our home. Both of our parents and sister passed away in this home, it is sentimental to us. If you can help or have any advice please contact me at:

  5. I hate Bank of America so much. They manipulate my bank account to rack up overdraft fees. They just did it twice in the past week. Last week I got my account reimbursed. Today I don’t even care. I’m going to close this account permanently. I hate them. They removed a charge from my account to make it appear I had more money than I did. Then charged me a $35 overdraft fee for a $2.71 transaction. This is not the first time they have done this. They need to be reported for such practices. Who do I report them to?

    1. You did that to yourself. Did you keep a check register? No I doubt it. Did you balance your checking account? I doubt you even know what that is. Did you read the legally binding contract you signed? Doubt That even more. Good riddance to you. Go somewhere else and cause them problems. Wells Fargo can have you, and I guarantee you’ll have the same problems there. Who the fuck with half a brain doesn’t maintain a register? Dumb ass broke people who blame the banks for their own stupidity.

  6. Truth be told, BofA owes every single person in the world a lot of money. I just closed 4 accounts I had with them for over 10 years, and one of them had a zero balance for 2 months but was still accruing service fees even though I thought it had been closed. So instead of risking them reporting me to chexsystems over 20 bucks I, against my better judgement paid off the stupid fees and closed every account I ever had with them including the ones that did have money in them. Even the guy who closed my accounts thought what they were doing was predatory. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I do business with this scumbag company again. Fuck Bank of America.

    1. Take that crap to Wells Fargo. I’m sure you’ll continue to blame them while you fail to manage your account there. LOL. You people are idiots that shouldn’t be Ben have accounts open. No fucking wonder you’re broke.

  7. Switch to Memory Bank. I just switched because they give 1.5% interest on CHECKING accounts with not fees, they have a larger no-fee ATM network than any of the major banks, and they have great customer service.

  8. Compadres! I hate B/A too! They closed down our bank w/o notice and just dumped us! I have had a Bank of America account in one form or another (some times multiple accounts in a given period) for the last 50 years. I paid off my ccard but it was two days over closing so it was short. I cashed in my rewards money and sent them a dollar payment (even though it was under a dollar due) and figured it was more than paid. No! They wanted the interest on that amount for those two days! Two dollars and a couple of cents. I asked them to waive it and they said no. But yet they keep sending me blank cheques (I have asked them to stop sending these in the mail! wtf! how stupid is that in this day and age) and they keep raising my credit limit/ ‘purchase power’ to where only a fool would put that much on a cc. After today, I am off to establish a different charge card and look forward to telling them to go stuff it. I am also off to discourage others from B/A.
    Hey Bank of America: Guess who isn’t going to get to refi my home and get other business from me?! Thanks for having this site so I can vent.

  9. Bank of America just announced that they will not let people purchase cryptocurrency, the fairly new decentralized money of the future. Just like how email reduced revenue for the post office, but brings them so much more revenue! Why cant they be smart and sell cryptocurrency like right from their bank online backend? They just yank the cord and claim it’s a scam! I’ll spend my fucken money how I want to! So tired of their nonsense. Closed all my accounts and joined, free checking and savings account. I can withdraw my money from damn near any ATM. A lot of them are starting to not charge the $2 to $3 transaction fee. Hell, crap BOFA charging me $12 a month per account. The hell with them! The cryptocurrency ban was the last straw that did it for me. So happy to be free from all that corporate political bullshit! This country is failing because of all the regulation and red tape, we must revolt by getting angry and simply forcing them to close by closing millions of accounts. There are so many free online banking alternatives and credit unions out there. Buy some cryptocurrency too and hold on to it, it’s how we stick our middle fingers up high in the air and take back what’s ours……..FREEDOM

  10. I closed my boa account years ago. But now I have a job that uses them. So here I am on a Saturday just trying to make a business deposit in line for 30 minutes because BOA is too cheap to let the appropriate amount of employees work on Saturday. Motor Bank is closed every Saturday and there is only two tellers inside. I hate this place, I hate this place, I hate this place. They are fuck you to their customers. Omg I hate BOA

  11. Here I am again, one teller 8 people in line. Boa could open up some drive through banking during covid, but no, you have to stand in line during covid, here in Dallas a heavy red zone. Most other banks are using drive through banking. But boa has never cared about their customers. Why is there only one teller working at boa in a city the size of Dallas during a pandemic that has killed a quarter of a million Americans? Because boa SUX

  12. Here I stand again, one teller, no drive through, because BOA wants you to catch covid. I’m so tired of standing in line ay BOA. I try different branches, they are all the same. People that work here standing around doing nothing while one teller works and people stand in line during a pandemic. Once again, BOA sucks big time. Get your drive through areas open. What a joke this bank is.

  13. Hey BOA, if you opened your drive through banking your employees would not be getting covid and you wouldn’t have to be closing your branches. Duh
    Why do t you care about your customers???? I am so tired of standing in your very long lines during a pandemic at that! Driving all over Dallas trying to find an open bank because you can’t keep them open. Open up your drive through banking you idiots!

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