Someone Has Stolen Your Credit Card

I signed up for a year of credit monitoring with a third-party service. All of a sudden, I received an e-mail that an inquiry was made into my account from Bank of America. “That’s funny,” I thought, “I didn’t authorize any inquiry.”

Later that day, I received a letter in the mail along with a new credit card. Apparently Bank of America notified me that someone had stolen my credit card and they automatically closed my account, opened a new one, and issued me a new card.

However, I never use this card, and the card is still in my wallet, so I have no idea how someone would have stolen my card number. Meanwhile, the additional inquiry, even though unauthorized by me, was still a red mark on my credit report.

Credit Report

Bank of America decided to create a new feature where they order you a “free” credit report, send it to you, and then tell you if you don’t want it, you need to call them to cancel it immediately. If you don’t cancel, they start charging you. Of course all of that is in the fine print. Needless to say, I didn’t want the credit report and ignored it once it arrived. A month later, I was charged for it. I wasted 90 minutes of my life with their telephone support trying to get the charge refunded.