Fee for Depositing Cash

I closed one of my accounts at my local banking center. I was inside the center for two hours – the first hour waiting in chair and the second working with the customer service representative. When I closed the account, the representative transferred the entire balance into another account. She made the transfer as “cash transaction”. Later that day, I was charged a $130 “cash transaction fee”. Why would they charge me a fee for depositing cash? The bank makes its money by lending out cash that they have on hand.

5 thoughts on “Fee for Depositing Cash”

    1. They aren’t “supposed to” charge fees. Yet every month they still do, and when I call them up, they say, “that’s a mistake, we’ll correct it right away”. So you’re at least half-right, but still full-naive.

  1. They are a business. And businesses make money. Therefore bofa has fees. Which all can be avoided in ways. But this fee you are claiming does not exist. Period.

    1. You’re right. You must be looking at my bank statement right now and that fee must be invisible to you. Or…you’re a retard.

  2. @RMS You post a lot of inaccurate things on this site over the years and when called out with your lies you always refer to your statement. So, here’s your chance at redeeming yourself by posting a picture of your statement and that fee. And while you are at it, post a picture of the “Mobile Check Deposit Fee”. But, it’s okay that you won’t post picture proof, because I for one know that all the fees you post about are nonexistent. You are more than likely some irresponsible mid-30s male that over drafted his account and was assessed a fee and will not take responsibility for your mistakes. Stop blaming the bank, especially for bogus charges. Unless, of course you can post picture proof of your statement 🙂

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