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  1. I agree with you aboubt filing lawsuits and have heard about them regaurding the home loan fiasco. I ‘m not sure how to answer your question about filing for yourself since this page doesn’t tell me the this perticular suit is about,but if “they ” were in the wrong ,not to take action condone their behavior.The reason I’m contacting you is to see if my daughter would benifit from what I feel BOA ripped her off. I’m just starting my search,yours was the the frist site I loggged into. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  2. I would like to sue BOA too….I have a secure credit card with limit $300 and it was on Auto to pay them and when I changed banks all hell broke loose….they tried to take money from old bank..even tho I have set auto 3 times…with new bank

    they have reported that I was late one month…..even tho it was on auto and I have overdraft protection …

    Get this!!!! my monthly payments are only $15…and I’m paying $30

    Please contact me on a Class Action law suit

    They have runin my credit and made it lower score

      1. Oak they will do that if the property was part of the bankruptcy. that is how the bank clears the property. It will take three years for that to clear from your record. Be thankful they did not wait. In my case they waited 5 years thus now my credit is good I want a new home I cant get a loan because they wait 5 yrs to foreclose. Now I have to wait for the CAIVRS report to clear which takes three years or mail a complaint into HUD.
        Yes I chose the letter, So I am playing the waiting game.

      2. you may have to go to the courthouse by yourself.
        many attorneys do not know what to do. make sure you file for Reaffirmation of debt.
        They, skank of America tried to screw me to.
        boa refused my monthly mortgage payment. the csr greeted me warmly, recognized my voice & was chatting with me when she was ordered to place me on hold CSR came to the call, her voice visibly shaking & informed me i had to make two payments(we discussed why and she read from a script). i agreed to make the two payments, she was ordered to put me on hold again. came back & ordered me to make 3 payments. I went into a state of shock. why me? this is not supposed to happen to me. if you google Jacksonville, Florida you can see the largest building is pointy, thats the BOA building, No attorney will take my case here. boa owns this city.
        Another thing you can do is go to the county courthouse to make sure they where informed via a motion. Good luck fighting these financial Cartels. BOA deceitful criminals work a lot of angles.

        sincerely, f.parra@me.com

  3. I am staying with a friend because I basically lost my house and equity because BofA did not modify my loan. I took a $60,000 loss even though I sold my house to save myself. No one contacted me and no one sent me the document. Between Countrywide and BofA, I have nothing. They had my address for a year, but I got nothing. I would like to know who to contact to file as well. I lived in my house 20 years and went into foreclosure because these idiots would not modify my loan. Please contact me if you know the counsel for this case, or who to contact.

    1. I am STILL not modified after 3 years!! BofA lied over and over. Then received their payment from FHA for the MIP. Sold my loan to Rushmore Loan Management and I am now being told that I no longer have an FHA loan. I will be modified to a conventional. I have NO idea how this is legal!! I am in the “dating” period as I call it where I have to prove myself to them that I can make the payments. I still have no idea what the terms will be but I do know that I lost all rights to the FHA program lowering my balance and forgiving the back interest. It appears by their documents they are not even acknowledging that BofA sold my loan to them at a lower amount. I am looking for a class action and would LOVE to move forward and sue them for holding me hostage in this crisis. They would not reject my loan mod request nor would they approve it. I have had no recourse until one of those two things happened.

      1. If you know of a class action lawsuit that is suing Bank of America for dragging out remodification of loans and holding people hostage in their homes please let me know. I have been trying to remodify for 4 years. My home was sold 3 times and could never get it closed. 336-978-9018

  4. They gave me a modification loan on my house, had me sign it send a cashiers check go through a trail peroid and after that I started giving my monthly payments which were more, than before the modification after a few months I get a letter saying I was denied the modification, I got hurt on the job, they wouldn’t take me back on light duty so I got fired, and I don’t qualify for a modification on my loan according to Bank Of American, Someone please explain this to me. And tell me if I qualify for you this class action lawsuit against BOA

  5. Hi, I’m looking to be included in a class action suit after BofA drug their feet and refused to approve my contract after being approved for a short sale. I had the same buyer and contract for 9 months. The buyer walked away due to lack of progress. Only 3 days later I found out that my vacant property had taken in water in my basement from heavy rain in the weeks prior. By the time my realtor found it there was mold everywhere. The inspector told me it would need to be gutted. Now, I can’t put it back on the market and the value will drop again significantly. It is currently in the deed in lieu department but I won’t be able to afford the taxes so I guess my only option is to let it foreclose?

    1. bank of America has me showing I am buying a home and I have never went to that bank for anything and I call they told me your name is on the paper work so that is all we need even when I told them I have nothing to do with that loan

    1. Please help me save my home. I am 73 and a widow. My health has got real bad and I am having a hard time trying to work. BofA has been pretending to help modify but after 4 year I am still here.
      Shirley Hage 336 978 9018

  6. Another area were they rip off and gouge profiits is enforced insurance despite several class action the practice of forced home and flood insurance continues.

    I am going to start a Class Action against them as they are fully aware of what the are doing and are acting criminallly against the customers interest. If Warren Buffett is a major shareholder in both organisation is he aware of it and should the class action involved him ?

  7. When I first called “Yank your chain’ of America” for a loan modification the recorded message said,”this call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes”. I’m glad I in turn recorded EVERY incoming/outgoing call, voicemail and multiples of different phone number they called from. Every call dated and time stamped. EVERY original document sent to me via FedEx and USPS along with tracking numbers; purely for ‘quality assurance, training purposes and legal recourse’. B of A is committing wire fraud, mail fraud, breach of contract that THEY(BofA) offered/initiated; both verbal and written. Falsification of documents, misinformation, leaking potected/personal “specific”information concerning properties; pending foreclosures that aren’t in foreclosure; confidential info NOT able to be obtained through public records(courthouse),to individuals and brokers in the real estate market (especially house “flippers”)giving them . Info protected by law about the individuals and their mortgage payment status. B of A are guilty of a number of other state and federal prosecutable CRIMINAL acts stemming from the the ones mentioned above by BofA and their representatives. Civil suits should be filed against each individual representative, concierge and ESPECIALLY loan modification managers. The U.S. Attorney General and the Atty. Generals Office for the state(s) you live in is a good place to file an official, ‘formal’ complaint against this reprehensibly corrupt and absolutely inexcusable banking ‘prostitution’; I mean institution. THEN, contact your congressman and work your way up.
    It is NEVER too late to start or get added to a class action lawsuit.
    I’ve heard/read hundreds of troubling stories of absolute criminal behavior by BOA identical to the ones I list above. The only difference is they didn’t think to record and document their contact with mortgage modification mgrs.(all 4 of them). They are playing a bait and switch game with home owners, but I have them red handed. Contact me if we can help each other. Leave a reply where I can contact you by email if you want to expose, defeat and quite probably receive damages. I’m not an attorney and I don’t play one on t.v., but I’ll lend my PROOF of their unlawful condust to your fight.
    DON’T GIVE UP!!! That’s what these smug SOB’s want! Don’t give them the satisfaction. All of my recording and documents have been submitted a couple of days ago. Thanks.

    1. I have all of the paperwork and documentation showing how B of A started increasing our 30 year loan even though the taxes were less because the property was worth half of what we purchased the price for. I also have a printout of how they tinkered with our impound account numerous times. When we would call them, it would take hours, and once we would get things resolved ( I.e. they ” realized their mistake”), they oh so conveniently asked us if they could transfer us to their loan modification dept. We had never missed a payment. We had put $80,000 down. We had lost a ton of income and a load mod would have been nice. I asked for info. They took that as us wanting a mod. They it us on a trial mod although we had never signed papers and kept paying our full mortgage amount. They reported us to credit as if we were in a mod. We went to research our credit to see if we would qualify for zero interest on a car because we had a 799 credit score, and it had dropped to 680 due to their “mistake”. We got a letter from them ( which we have) acknowledging their mistake which took a month before our credit returned to normal. We bought our car at zero interest, and t h en they kept ending us all of this mod paperwork and dropped our score again even with our FULL payments. They are crooks. Long story short, we walked away from our house. The stress was too much.

    2. Please help Me save my home and sanity. I have PTSD from trying to deal with a loan modification with BofA. I am 73 and so sick of this mess. I have been in Loan modification mode for 4 years and now have high blood pressure, depression, stress, anxiety and Panic attacks. I am a widow and am trying to work to no avail.

  8. Bank of America and Wells Fargo have flagrantly violated their obligations under the National Mortgage Settlement in relations to all mortgage modification. Our complain is against Bank of America (the servicer) and Wells Fargo (the owner of almost all of BOA loans) relating to the timeline for processing mortgage modifications, and include failures to comply with requirements such as those providing that borrowers receive written acknowledgement of receipt of a loan modification application within three days. As well as the enormous unexplained fee’s that they cannot even explain.They continue to use stall tactics and lies to avoid letting qualified families to participate in the loan modification process. I have personally taped recorded phone calls with bank of america associates outright lying, attempting to discourage me from applying for a modification program, as well as prolonging the process in order to discourage me from continuing the progress. I ask that you join me and go after Bank of America and Wells Fargo for flagrantly violating their obligations under the National Mortgage Settlement in relations to the mortgage modification programs and processes. Bank of America is trying to make money off us during our hardship!! I don’t know how they get away with this after our president has given them billions of dollars to help people not make money off people in financial hardship situation. Kept all of your documentation. I recently read an article which was published in Banker & Tradesman about this scam which has happened to thousands of homeowners in the same situation.We are not alone. Many of us do not have the incomes to hire an attorney, but we need to band together and take them down. I’m just another little fish in BOA’s shark tank. I only hope that you join me in this fight so the normal working people will not be victims anymore. BOA should not be in business! I feel that we are suffering unjustly due to the misinformation given to us and mistakes made by uninformed and unqualified BOA employees. This is BOA’s racket, scamming and defrauding its customers in plain sight. Hello government are you listening? The Banks got their bailout where is ours??????? Please sign the petition and join the fight. we cant win if we don’t fight.


  9. I’d like to be included in a class action suit myself. Please send me any information that could help me get started? I want BOA to pay in some way for what they’ve caused so many families & my own, people who are trying to doing the right thing, trying to keep their homes & being deceived at every turn! Thank you!

  10. I have to be careful as to what I say because its very emotional .Lost my home after owning a dozen in my life. Never wanted to be involved with boa closed any acts I had with them. Applied for home loan was granted with taylor,bean&Whitaker. .Moved into home no payment due for 45 days. So I thought lets get ahead of this and send payment now. You know be smart Weeks go by check was never cashed ok so what’s up with that. More weeks go by and now its about time for payment to be due for real but my check is floating around some where? Finally get a letter in the mail my loan was sold to boa. I said that’s not good but have no choice again I have an open acc. with these crooks. So where is my check? No one ever found it so I paid the 36$ or so for stop payment. Now I start getting calls from modification people saying I qualify and they can lower my payment by 200,00 a mo. after a yr. of hearing this I took one company up on it.Sent them 1,000.00 and then they tell me I have to start missing payments and that is the only way to be eligible for the modification. First time I had heard that. So I contact boa and they say you don’t have to pay for modification we can do it for free its 3yrs. later never got packet from boa never got my thousand back from crooked modification co. Filed bankruptcy and boa is still billing me for the house and ins.cost Despite having filed a filed bankruptcy and ruining my life still being sued by boa. Emotional you bet!!!

  11. Please send me information on this law suit. We’ve been dealing with them for 5 years over this remod and they’ve ruined our credit by not reporting our payments and now they are not sending our the correct amounts of interest and insurance premiums paid on their 1098 tax forms. That’s it. We’ve had enough. Please send the info. Thank you!

  12. I’m having a problem with boa as well, and wish to be added to any actions that would make any and all of these financial institutions show responsibility for what they created. Remember we are being burned my boa, but let’s not forget, this was a party of financial institutions that got rich. A lot of new millionaires were made beting the housing market would fail. And as a direct result of that failure, I lost my job, and I was the larger earner in my home at the time. The housing market crashed and the company I worked for sold lights and no one were building houses any longer and no large projects were on going that requiered tha purchase of mass lighting. So they started laying people off on a job that I worked at and planned to retire from. Now, I’m being told by boa that I had to be behind to be eligible for a home modification. so now we miss several months aleast three, and now we’re being told that we do not qualify for a mortgage modification. Now we have been told that everytime we file that paper work and I know that the government has help many business out and has given money to help people in our situation, and no one qualifies for these modification. Now that the workers of our blind country to the crimes that are directly and overtly against us are footing there bill, and keeping these banks from faultering, we’re being put out to pasture, and the banks continue to make money reselling our houses to investers. We want to save our home because we love our homes and we were never included in the deception to make money agianst over home owners mortgage failures. That very deception is the reason many others and myself are out of work and you get to take our homes as well… Who’s watching the boa, wellsfargo, hudson, and the many other banks that want to take our homes without modifiying our mortgages. Here’e the kicker, if the modify our mortgage they make even more money from us. But, in the interest of my home/investment I want my home and I want the valued modified and a fair monthly payment, considering, they started this and we’re the one losing behind thier deception to make even a greater return on the purchase of a new home and the lost of one. So, once again, please contact me via email to include me in this overt criminal act against people who were just trying to obtain a piece of the “dream” of owning a home in america. If anyone openly robs someone one the street, that criminal can go to jail if caught. Who’s going to jail for taking my home, as a result of their plan to bet mortgage faultering, and the housing market failing as they bet it would, who’s going to jail because my job was a domino in this deception, and who’s going to jail for not modifying a loan to help people save their homes, and who’s going to jail when they take our homes, haven never tryed to help us at all… “who’s going to jail for these crimes”.

    1. I would love to talk to someone about a lawsuit to help with a loan modification. I have been working wit BofA for 4 years and still have not got a modification. I am 73 a widow and Brian Moynihan said on national television with Charlie Rose that they are foreclosing loans and keeping widows in their homes. What is the deal. You can reach me at 336-978-9018 or e-mail whageshi@aol.com

  13. I have also gone through hell with BOA and after 2 years of back and forth, resubmitting an resubmitting, and resubmitting the same documents, I was DENIED a modification…so I would like to know who to contact to join in on this class action.

  14. Did anyone get anything moving? I am a victim of identity theft and bank of America is protecting thr criminal who used my ssn (while I was a minor) to open a checking account, credit card, and a loan. In june of 2013 I went into a branch and spoke to a rep who located this account and wouldn’t tell me any thing bc the account wasn’t in my name before an investigation was done. Well. It was done and was closed sayint they couldn’t find the account. I kept calling and finally spoke to someone who has two brain cells to rub together and she identified the case as being improperly done and reopened this case. Per section 151 of the FCRA victims of fraud are entitled to see documentation on accounts opened with their information. This would be of great help in the investigation. …and while my detective can subpoena that information IM entitled to it as proof of fraud. I’ve had it with BoA.

  15. I am also looking for a class action against BOA for inappropriate practices/handling of my short sale. At this time I am in my 2nd short sale with BOA. My first was originally started in February 2012, I was approved for participation in August and entered a purchase agreement with my buyer. His original offer was rejected because it did not meet the 88% of appraised value BOA was demanding, his second offer easily exceeded that 88% amount. BOA set a estimated closing of mid November, which came and went with no contact from BOA until late January at which time they demanded paperwork that they had been in possession of since the initial contract. BOA then set a closing date of April 16, 2013, which also came and went without contact. In May BOA demanded that another appraisal be conducted and then demanded the buyer came up with another $12,000 to meet the new 88% amount, at no time did BOA make my realtor, myself or my buyer of the fact that the 88% was only good for the first 30 days of contract and then dropped to 86% for the next 30 days and finally to 84% for the remainder of purchase agreement. They demanded the 88% the entire time.

    At this time, my Short Sale file is in the hands of the 2nd member of the BOA presidential escalation team and the 19th since it originated. My local congressman has contacted BOA on 2 separate occasions to only receive a reply blaming me for not providing them with the proper documents to secure the short sale, little do they know I have over 200 email correspondence that clearly show BOA has blatantly disregarded the guidelines that have been put in place by HUD & FHA to protect the homeowner from this type of thing. At this point I have nothing to lose and will stand my ground against one of the largest banks in the world, they will answer to a judge as to their actions in the matter of my Short Sale. My biggest complaint is that in a short sale you are not required to make payments on your mortgage during the short sale process, yet BOA continues to report delinquent activity to all 3 of the credit bureaus showing me over $40,000 in unpaid mortgage payments. The have completely ruined my credit and any attempts for me to start rebuilding because they are also dragging their feet on this 2nd short sale attempt. They are telling me I may be able to receive $3000 for relocation, but that is not a guarantee. I personally requested $5000, but was told that would not be possible. I am currently seeking a class action or a lawyer willing to file a lawsuit on my behalf against BOA for the amount of my current mortgage to be paid to me in a cash settlement and walk away with no debt to BOA (past, present or future) and that BOA report to all 3 credit bur

  16. Hi im concerned that after the mortgage modification settlement I still B of A ripped me off giving me way less money than I expected. They lied to me about the HAMP process and if I knew I they had I wouldnt have stopped making my payments. They told me they couldnt help me unless I was behind on my payments. When I askd them “so I have to stop making payments?” The replied yes stop making payments.
    Is there any new lawsuits for homeowners who were foreclosed and paid a settlement unser 10K ? I paid 236k down on my property and was settled at 6K. my homes price was 500K. What can I do?

  17. I was denied modification and was told that the intentions was never to help lower my mortgage with Bank of America. I started short sale proceedings, got a realtor and 1st buyer offer within a week of postings. After waiting a year for BOA to open the short sale account, that buyer walked. Now I am with my 7th buyer, 2nd – 6th buyers walked due to BOA constant delays in completing the short sales, and now they are telling me that the closed my short sale because my time has expired. So I can try to re-open the short sale again or file or deed in leu. Oh, I forgot, I am in foreclosure with no sheriffs sale date yet. This experience has been a nightmare. Almost 4 years now dealing with this. They have no intentions of letting me close in a short sale, they are forcing me into foreclosure. I need help!!! This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!!!

  18. I just want to inquire whether there is a class action lawsuit forming against Bank of America for unlawful foreclosures proceedings and the like.I was awarded a settlement check from the Independent Review Foreclosure on March 2014, a small amount when all the 13 banks reached settlement with federal prosecutors and one of them is Bank of America, and accordingly the settlement is without prejudice in filing case against the bank. Kindly let me know and awaiting for your reply. Thank you.

  19. Any attorneys forming a class action lawsuit against Bank of America specifically for unlawful foreclosure proceedings.The Independent Review foreclosure had awarded my small settlement and this settlement does not preclude me of joining a class action suit against the bank. Please kindly let me know.Thank you. I am really interested in joining if there is one.

  20. People need to understand at one point Bank of America had my loan as well one thing remains the same the servicer of any loan backed by a security was paid out by the holder of that note already so these loans are not valid anymore the servicer of the loan not the holder of the note is stealing your money there not even paying the holder anymore this is my situation and lawyers who are participating in the fraud as well I can’t afford a lawyer but this is bank fraud if there not paying and they make it look as if there servicer there for the others in the been when I call the others they tell me flat out they have nothing to do with me or my loan it’s sick lawyers need I help people bank fraud is a crime and punishable homeowner are doing Everything it’s the banks who don’t want homeowners on there books anymore were a liability to them there illegally taking our money and not paying the note holder anymore on these securities they need us off our books if your getting pushed around this is why they won’t help you they should be punished I have been going threw this for six years and they take take take make Money keeping you in foreclosure cause they have no intension to modify so your renter in your own home this is a big violations of civil rights and to me harassment and cruel I suffer depression from these acts against me and want it to stop and that’s the thing they want me I walk away give up so they can sell my house and make more money after they took took took from me for six years with nothing to show when I was supposed to be living the America. Dream the right to my property it’s sick and sad

  21. People need to understand at one point Bank of America had my loan as well one thing remains the same the servicer of any loan backed by a security was paid out by the insurance the holder of that note already got there money they kept passing these bad investments along so more people could gain money off you selling loans for penny’s on a dollar so these loans are not valid anymore the servicer of the loan not the holder of the note is stealing your money there not even paying the holder anymore this is my situation and lawyers who are participating in the fraud as well I can’t afford a lawyer but this is bank fraud if there not paying and they make it look as if there servicer there for the others in the been when I call the others they tell me flat out they have nothing to do with me or my loan it’s sick lawyers need I help people bank fraud is a crime and punishable homeowner are doing Everything it’s the banks who don’t want homeowners on there books anymore were a liability to them there illegally taking our money and not paying the note holder anymore on these securities they need us off our books if your getting pushed around this is why they won’t help you they should be punished I have been going threw this for six years and they take take take make Money keeping you in foreclosure cause they have no intension to modify so your renter in your own home this is a big violations of civil rights and to me harassment and cruel I suffer depression from these acts against me and want it to stop and that’s the thing they want me I walk away give up so they can sell my house and make more money after they took took took from me for six years with nothing to show when I was supposed to be living the America. Dream the right to my property it’s sick and sad I even have lawyers who are helping them with there fraud drawing up fake assignments and making it look like there legally if homeowners don’t know what to look for there leaving there homes and it’s sad theft

    1. I would like to hear from anyone who has suffered improper acts from BOA during a foreclosure. Especially in any case where they engaged in self help, entered property for any purpose without a court order during the pendancy of a foreclosure action.

      did you ever get any response to your request?

      1. We are dealing with this right now. We had to relocate for a job quicker than expected so we put our house up for sale and contacted the bank asking for assistance or for mod or short sale, anything. We were told we didnt qualify for any help because we were not delinquent and would have to be before we could apply. Of course we had no clue this was an out right lie. After months and months of paper work and hoop jumping, we were told Short Sale without an Offer was what we qualified for. Wonderful. Realtor contacted them, we signed papers, good to go….we thought. Home was in short sale without offer program, BOA had safeguard properties come in and change one lock on property so they could do inspections periodically. We were in constant contact with the bank and we and our realtor spoke with Safeguard letting them know all the facts and that the house was not abandoned we had things on property and house was for sale, no foreclosure date. We were assured all was okay. Liars. They are charging me for yard work that is half ass done or not at all…I have the city code violations and citations to prove it with photos from code enforcement. They came in and took items listed with the house, broke locks off of storage and stole items and left personals all over the backyard, but re locked after they were done taking lawn equipment and personals to the tune of a little over 11,000.00. They cut holes in the ceiling and walls of the house, trashed it, stole appliances, gouged deep ruts in the hardwood floors taking them out, busted off fascia boards allowing bugs and animals access to the attic which they left open.
        We told them to stay off the property and they kept coming back on. Contacted BOA and they halted work but still getting charged for things they arent supposed to be on property. BOA s excuse of why they are out there…I dont know. They all are refusing to send me documents for work ordered or approved, wont send all these photos we are being billed for, and amazingly now our customer rep is missing, our house was not in the short sale program files, they have nothing showing it ever was or contact with our realtor which is bs because tbey have the paperwork to prove it. We have had an offer for a month now and they were told by BOA two weeks ago we would have an answer and yet the day they said the decision would be in has come and gone. We had to drop the price of the house over 40,000 under what we owe due to the damage and theft for this offer. Makes me sick to my stomach. We were in contact from day one and jumped through every hoop they requested.I need a lawyer for this. Police report filed and sent to detective division. BOA and Safeguard refuse to provide documents and pictures. I have ample proof to hang the both of them for fraud and felony theft.

  22. Community members:
    I’m so sorry for each of us and our families, communities (and even pets).
    I will do everything in my power to ensure that Bank of America and FHA repay us, not only for what they have illegally swindled, but for the anguish/stress/deleterious mental, physical, and social health effects.
    You bring up one cause that, to my knowledge, has not seen any litigation or legislative reform: CW/BofA cashing in on mortgage insurance/reinsurance–sometimes insurance -they- took out unbeknownst to you. In some cases, the insurance claims were fraudulant. In some cases, they may not have been, but the fraud that occurred afterward was that, once the servicer/investor had received their insurance benefit (sometimes on more than one mortgage), they continued to collect monies from multiple sources–the government and consumers/homeowners-losers, too.

    That’s one big case.

    And these cases have to be very narrowly focused and filed in the right venue(s), because judges are dismissing these class actions, saying they aren’t similar enough or don’t constitute a clear class of wronged, or, as several attorneys have told me (in fancier terms), because the courts have been corrupted, and lawyers are shying away.

    There are several other cases.

    One is against FHA (Fannie/Freddie/VA–backed loans).

    Please don’t despair. Please be specific about your case, and what state you are in, and, if you can manage to trust anyone again (!! right?!!), send me a note. I’m at summitgalena@yahoo.com

    PLEASE be concise; send me ONE–not multiple emails, so I can manage them. (I am ill.) Spamming my inbox could overwhelm me, ruining this for everyone, and we need all good hands on deck!

    I have friends I’ve yet to organize to help at media, legislative levels, and we need to select an attorney and narrow to one or two focal points for one or two cases.

    PLEASE–also tell me if your home was/is in one of the “Hardest Hit” states that received TARP funds to help homeowners, or whether you were denied other homeowner assistance or legal proceeds for principal reductions “because yours was an FHA-backed loan”. Thank you; hang in there!

  23. Who has had success with resolving the issues with BOA. They sold mortgage to Rushmore 1st of the year and now they say the last payment was made 5 years ago. Not true and have proof. What to do next?

  24. I would like more information about this lawsuit because I want to be reimbursed for all the money that CountryWide ripped me off for. I am very serious about this, so if anyone can give me information I want it!!

  25. I am a predatory victim and the identical things happen to me. The sad part about this is that No one will stand up to the plate and take the initiative to demand that Bank of America help home owners reduce their mortgage. It’s like a scam and the attorneys are participating with them. Allowing them time so they can make money.as well The world seems to be a Ghetto

  26. I to lost my home in 2013 to foreclosure. B of A did not help me. Lost thousands of $$$ to Law firms trying to help to no success. This has been going in since 2007. I’m now renting single parent. And would like to get any information for help

    1. my mom has a reverse mortgage loan thru bank of america. she passed in 2015. they locked the doors on us heirs, without any notice. in 2009 she borrowed 63000. the bank says she has another lean against house this nov. 2017, but she dont it was satisfied in march 2017. bank of america sold the lean, and then it went thru several hands. i went to courthouse to look everything up. i found were they said she now owes 91,000 plus. then it was 74,000 and a week later i think they said it was 80,000. how can they come up with such high numbers. i needed a home for my 2 children i was going to move in untill they locked us out. i was scared to break lock as charges would have probably been pressed. there’s centamental items in there. now when my mom signed loan at her table. my sister said mom just sign it before someone considers you incompetent. id think a banker would stop there knowing shell never live to pay it . so my mom did. and my sister took the money i assume cuz i see where she spent 30,000 plus on roof and stuff and pd off her loan of 6,700 a week later. now the rest of the money just dissapeared. my mom wanted to go to bingo but my sister said you cant your broke. she said i got 63,000 ya had of my money were is it. she stated it all went into the house. now my sister denies keeping the money. but im sure it was deposited in one of her many accounts. now i was talking to my lawyer he said dont file small estate they could come after your own home. so he called there lawyer. thats when i found out the loan was 80,000. it dont sound rite the final price is less then last weeks. they gave her that loan around age 76 and sick and so much that she was incompetent she was transported to a hospital far away for kidney failure.. she only signed loan cuz she was told to and feared my sister would put her in a group home. now we caught my sister lying about were she spent the money. she claimed in front of my brother, and i that she paid off her 38,000 grant, from the planning and development office. no she didnt it was granted in march 2017 that she owed nothing on it. plz help. i myself also had a account with bank of america. now my nephew seen my mom cry she wanted to go to bingo when my sister told her again no your broke. mom said how ? my sister replied its for my sons college fund. she never took care of my mom. but only took care of her check book. i moved in and out of my moms home with my two children cuz she needed 24 hr care. and sometimes she would move in with us before a fire destroyed our home. the banker shouoldnt have left her sign at no means. my moms friend would come and pay her way and take her to bingo once in awhile she enjoyed that. wow my anxiety and deperession is hitting me bad now cuz its like they all took advantage of her. plz email me i need help i dont know what to do , or where to find a lawyer to help us. there lawyer wants 95 % of the estimate on what the house and property is worth. someone gutted tubs toilets showers. the doors i put in and carpeting i pd my sister and her husband to lay. but my sister claims she done bought my moms remodeling upstairs. also thaqt i took care of my moms finances then that aint true help.!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Is it too late to get in on the class action law suit? BOA jerked us around like all of you would believe because all the stories I read here are pretty much the same story! Please send me info. Thank You!
    Michelle DeView

  28. Bank of America does not honor disputes. Stayed in a hotel, the Embassy Inn in Victoria. We were not given the room we were told was being reserved for us. The desk clerk was unconcerned. We ended up getting down-sized. We had a terrible night’s sleep. The amenities were not as described on the website. Nothing in the website mentioned that the pool was not private, essentially in full public view. I disputed the charges and got shut down. This is the 2nd time this has happened with Bank of America. I was told by a Bank of America representative that because we had a room we have to pay…that it is the their policy. So I asked him if he paid for a suite and was given a room in the basement of the hotel if he would feel obligated to pay. He would not reply. Bank of America should be supporting their customers, and Alaska Airlines should contract with another financial institution for offering mileage.

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