Deposit Checks with Your SmartPhone: Pay a Fee

Bank of America recently started offering a service where you can deposit checks on your phone. “This is great!” I thought. I’ll save time by not having to go to the bank, save gas in my car, save the environment by not burning gas while I’m sitting in line at the ATM, and save Bank of America some money because they don’t have to hire as many tellers or service as many ATMs.

I called up Bank of America and asked to add the service to my account. They told me they wanted $20 per account per month for the service. I currently have 9 accounts remaining with Bank of America. I was not going to spend $180 per month to save Bank of America money.

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        1. I’m looking at it on my statement right now. Are you some middle management officer for BoA and your boss entrusted you with the duty of making incorrect comments all over this website?

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