Need a Business Loan? Don’t use Bank of America.

I have been a loyal Bank of America customer for 20 years. I casually mentioned that I am in the market to purchase an aircraft for my successful aviation business. The rep at the local banking center told me that Bank of America could lend me the capital. I told her “I doubt it,” but she insisted.

A few days later I received a phone call from a business lender. He had me run through the extensive process of applying for credit. I have an excellent credit score, cash in my account, am willing to put 20% down, mortgage the aircraft, personally co-signed for the business, and was considering using my house as collateral.

“We are not in the business of aircraft lending,” is what they told me.

“Then why the tell did you put me through this entire process to start with?!”

One thought on “Need a Business Loan? Don’t use Bank of America.”

  1. I too am a committed hater of bank of America. What an injustice to even associate their name with America the way they screw the American people over. I go to make an online payment. They lose my payment info. Not once, twice, three but FOUR times! THEN, they say I’M late and put that on a credit report. Really??? Then they send me account information with someone else’s information!! Is this not what they do for a living??? I absolutely HATE this bank with every bone in my body and I truly believe that the FTC should SHUT THEM DOWN! I say to anyone who has ANY opportunity to sue them, DO IT!! They MUST be shut down!!!
    Whew, I feel better now. 😉

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